Friday, February 29, 2008

TPH #043 Battle of the Giants - Mandrake (Indrajal Comics #362)

Watched today a year old movie from disney studio "Bridge to Terabithia". It has been publicised as from the makers of "The chronicles of Narnia". While that one was between ok and good, this movie immensely bored me. Just couldn't get the whole idea. In fact couldn't wait for the end screen to display and put off the player. Surprisingly the movie has managed some rave revies from critics. See this or this. But someone has put it in better words:
That's what worries me- kids are going to be expecting Narnia or Harry Potter and get something completely different. As a result, they won't like it, when they might have liked it if they had had different expectations.
Presented now is another mandrake story or rather two stories. This time scanned by someone else probably by Mr Ajay Mishra.
Download TPH #043 (27 pages, 7.12 MB)

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  1. TPH....great effort and great frequency.Keep it up.
    I missed out yesterday on the comic which in English is THE SACRED CITY OF GOLD.
    I have both of these comics in english and its a pleasure to go thru these stories.

  2. dear,
    going great guns... kya baat hai... back to back mandrake!!1

  3. ச் கிக் க்க்க்ர் ஹ் க் எயுய் வ்கெ ர்ர்ர்பிர்ட டப் கால அட்மி லோல் போஸ்ட் இங்கிலீஷ் ரே

  4. Chandan: thanks dear. enjoy your collection.

    ICC: बात कुछ भी नहीं. बस थोडी फुरसत है.

    இங்கிலீஷ்: சாரி. இ டான்'த க்நொவ் தமிழ்.

  5. இங்கிலீஷ்: சாரி. இ டான்'த க்நொவ் தமிழ்.
    hahahaha!!! First of all, I cudnt understand wat was d conversation between u 2, but Its hillarious!! Grt sense of humour, TPH!!! @nd, Really grt comics!! Whats next den? any Phantom? :)

  6. Thanks for this TPH. A rare english comic. That too one of my favorite IJcs. Thanks a lot.

  7. Guys whatever you are doing here is a really a wonderful service to the comics fans. We all fans of Phantom and Indrajal Comics will remain thankful for this! I'd also like to request that apart from Phantom and Mandrake, please upload some 'Rip Kirby' comics which appeared in many Indrajal comics! Thanks!

  8. Sushant: I just said, I don't know Tamil. Phantom is here. Enjoy.

    Grouchy: All thanks go to Ajay. The comic is really good. I have a feeling. The comics published between 77-78 and 83-84 are more close to heart because this was the period when we were introduced to Indrajals and were developing a craze for them.

    Phantom: Thanks and welcome. Some Rip Kirby comics have been posted on blogs. More are surely coming soon. Didn't know phantom loves kirby.

  9. Thanks for this. It's one of those comics again that I had read, as a kid. Always brings a smile.

    - Ruchi.

  10. Ruchi: Most welcome. Any comic read before has some special value. Keep smiling.