Wednesday, February 6, 2008

TPH #036 Peshewar Khooni - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #273)

Wanted to post this one on 4th Feb, CWs anniversary, but could not upload to mediafire because of extremely slow connection. But it proved to be a grand occasion with as many as 6 indrajals appearing on blogs in a single day. Wow! This is one from charlton, very unusual phantom story with different but classic artwork. In fact it is hard to identify this phanotom with the one we know. The villains of this story must have appeared in few others. So this looks incomplete without a clear background of those. Anyway, its an indrajal. So enjoy.
Download TPH #036 (8.13 MB)

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  1. Thanks for the comic TPH. Hard to identify with as an IJC. If anyone wants to read this in English its available at

  2. Thanks for this.

    Very unusual one. And since I didn't have the background of the characters, I found it a bit incomplete :-)

    - Ruchi.

  3. Charlton Phantom deviate too much with Falk basics.The current story seems more like reading James Bond clad into Phantom outfit.
    Also the story is only a part of a long series hence gives the incomplete feeling.
    Still anyway an Indrajal is a Indrajal,TPH i was waiting for its Hindi version,thanks.

  4. Grouchy: Welcome. Which one at freecomicbooks is this one?

    Ruchi: Welcome. Neither do I have any knowledge of those.

    CW: True. The only close reference to falk phantom is where the two doctors keep deferring the operation on him because they are fearful of the strange stories connected with phantom's name.

    I knew you wanted it and therefore I planned to post it on anniversary day but could not post that day because of slow net.

  5. thanks again for the phantom book ...... regularly visiting the the other blog to get ack .... (ohhungry me .... for acks ) any ways ... i know it is difficult and needs time and hard work to post book on bloag... but YE DIL MANGE MORE ,,,,,,,,,

  6. tph

    today i found this comic in english, hard copy.. yes, an inrajal is an indrajal... but i will never read it.. anyway, thanks for posting,, one more in our collection..

    i would suggest u to update iob in 15 days atleast... there will be less pressure on u..

  7. The english version of this comic can be found at

    link from:

  8. ICC: Reading charlton phantoms occasionally is necessary to realise the beauty of Falk's own creations.

    IOB update is ready but mandrake strip numbers are taking too much time and its very boring. only half done yet.

    Grouchy: Thanks for the link. Only 3-4 comics I have downloaded from that collection so far. Can't afford 30-40 MB per comic for "charltons".

  9. Dholey: Most welcome. You will hear soon about the next ack.

  10. good work! great quality!

    but maybe u should leave out ur sig. from the cover page.

  11. agreed really unusual story for Phantom... but vetaal is vetaal :)

    thanks for sharing

  12. Frank: Thanks and welcome.

    I'll try to make the sig. small.

    Ubermann: Welcome friend. Vetaal can never be Be-taal.