Friday, February 15, 2008

ACK thumbnails and Creation of 'The Fisherman' cover by Comic Crazy

------------------ [Update] A new comic has been posted on ACK blog by CW. Enjoy it. ------------------ Some time ago I had made a post about the fantastic colouring work done by comic crazy for two b/w pages of mandrake sunday strip for MTM. I had wished that he should share some of the experience about his work. Meanwhile he has also designed some covers for the daily strips for MTM. He has send me this information on how he made one of those covers. Just take a look at this fabulous work. He has taken different panels from another mandrake daily strip 'mandrake's marriage' and created this amazing stuff. The explaining graphic itself is a wonderful display of creativity and any art lover would appreciate this.
Another master-piece from our 'Digital Perfection'. Isn't it? ------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy few more ACK cover thumbnails.

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  1. Very imaginative and appealing header by comic crazy,he is doing real a very nice job in providing all bloggers with fantastic headers.Many thanks and appreciation to him.

  2. Thanks TPH. I was about to ask CC as how he did it. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    The ACK covers are lovely. Glad to see a story on Kalpana Chawla. Thanks for these.

  3. This is a much better header TPH. However the construction of the Phantom Head that you had sometime back was my favorite

  4. CW: absolutely. he is a brilliant artist. hope to see more of his work.

    Grouchy: I felt very curious when he coloured those pages. That was simply awesome. If he announces a course, I would be the first to enroll.

    This is also a temporary adjustment in header. Hopefully a new header will be ready till thursday.

  5. Thanks first and foremost for removing that gluttony picture.
    The new one is nice.I like that.
    He looks a real NEMESIS of all evil doers,as depicted in the picture.
    Thanks for the ACK thumbnails.Did u buy all these?I mean 25rs to 30 rs copy?That too many u will be having.Do your family members support that?
    If you are a millionaire,needless to answer,if not, pls answer me truthfully.
    I think INDRAJAL COMICS have become the NEMESIS of all comic lovers,specially so married people.
    The craziest among the lot is the one who is commenting this.
    Really,i mean,ICS in particular have really ruined my sleep at times,dreaming about them late into the night and things like that.Iam not joking.Iam sure there are many like me but am sure iam the worst.

  6. Chandan: No dear, I am not a millionaire though I want to be one and also (unsuccessfully) tried to convince KBC people of my desire. Certainly my family doesn't enjoy my addiction to comics but they do not argue on matter as well.

    Your love for indrajals has definitely crossed all limits. Congratulations.

  7. Chandan you are not only alone crazy fan of Indrajal Comics there are many too and i too consider myself among the crazier ones.
    At a time when i was not having many of IJCs and also was not aware of the other details of IJC such as the total no. of IJC published etc then my favorite dream was that to found a shop having many many Indrajal comics.This dream i use to 'see' quite often and many of times i prayed in dream that this wouldn't be a dream when i wakes.