Sunday, February 17, 2008

TPH #038 Aatank Ke Ghere - Flash Gordon (Indrajal Comics V20N16)

----------------------------------------- [Update: 19 Feb 08] Comic Crazy has prepared this wonderful header for TPH. Fantastic work. Thank you comic crazy. ----------------------------------------- A lot many two part indrajals appeared on different blogs this month. I am going to do the opposite. Here comes an IJC with two short but complete stories. The Flash story is a sweet one. No fighting, no acrobatic flights, but a simple but imaginative story about some prisoners who were sent to another planet as part of their prison term but in an attempt to set themselves free, unintentionally reach another place and found the conditions not so unsupportive untill ... The second one is a very short mandrake story. Original strip number S169 Center stage terror. It ran for only 7 weeks from 7 Feb 1982 to 21 Mar 1982. IJC has full seven pages. The condition of physical copy is not very good, so scans are not of ultimate quality. In fact it was a challenge to scan this and I am happy that I could do that finally. My copy is also not having front cover so it is taken from ICC's post of covers of vol. 20. Thanks to him and to original scanner (if it is someone else). Adding Hindi title on cover is my work.
Download TPH #038 (28 pages, 1024px width, 7.75 MB)

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  1. Its a nice Flash story without the 'hi-fi' usual Flash fundas.Also i think its the 1st Indrajal having Flash's as a major story and a Mandrake as a secondary one.
    TPH in future if you do require cover(s) of any Hindi Indrajal please feel free and absolutely comfortable to ask for it.I will feel happy to deliver any sort of support to your fantastic blog.

  2. Thanks, TPH. Two complete stories in a single Indrajal is rare. The Flash story is a good one.

  3. CW: Mandrake story was very short, so probably they decided to make it the second story with leading one being Flash. The Flash story is really nice and one can find the hint of usual American-Soviet tussle of that era. The prisoners are shown belonging to some east European city, clearly hinting at some Soviet city. Even the names are russian. The story makes a mockery of soviet ships being so bulky, which is somewhat true.

    I am thankful for your gesture and shall contact you whenever in need. Thanks.

    Deb: Thanks friend. You are absolutely right. Not very often we find two full stories in a single Indrajal.

  4. Thanks for this. I did not find the Flash story much exciting, the Mandrake one was good, albeit short :-)

    - Ruchi.

  5. Very impressive header....hats off to comic crazy...its so nice..I will also asking him to get a new look header for me.

  6. Nice one !
    What would the title for the Mandrake be in Hindi ?
    The Clay Camel