Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TPH #039 Antariksha Se Chunouti - Vikram (Sun Comics)

Another old indian comic from the Sun comics. I posted one of these before and once again this Jagjit Uppal - Pradeep Sathe adventure of Vikram, the brave indian spy. The story line is ok and the pictures are good. The second story is of Inspector Garud as before. This is 1978 comic.
Download TPH #039 (28 pages, 1024px width, 7.50 MB)

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  1. A welcome change,though these old comics lacks the story quality but still the vintage looks and illustrations by Pradeep Sathe make the comic a worth read.

  2. Hey TPH, comics was really great! I wonder, If Pradeep n Uppal still active. I dont remember seeing their work after Tausi/ Angara..Tulsi Comics. Any wiki link on them?

  3. CW: May be the story is not of highest standards but still it is much better than those silly Bahadurs and sub standard Daras. No need to say Pradeep Sathe is 10 times better than Govind Brahmania.

    Sushant: Nice to hear that you liked it. Did they work for Tulsi comics as well? I have no idea at all.

  4. TPH no doubt that Pradeep Sathe is a far better than some of the others;i can agree with you upon consistency of Bahadur but some of the Bahadur stories are also good,few of the earlier ones and few of later.Dara stories were also lacking in consistency and though they were supported by a comparatively better art work.
    Pradeep Sathe has also worked with Manoj Chitra Katha and later on with Tulsi chitra katha too.

  5. Deat TPH,
    I am a vivid Indian comics collector. I have my favorites too, but I also have one passion, and that is to collect comics of all the Indian characters. I want that comics of all the characters should be with me, No matter whether I like them or not. Its like collecting rare gems from Indian comics pride history.

    So far I have collected the comics of about 100 characters with about 20 different publishers, but never had any of the 'SUN COMICS' one.

    Thanks for a beautiful addition in my collection...

  6. Hi,
    It's great to see the old treasure.
    I always liked the illustrations by Pradeep Sathe, they were very neat and anotomically scaled figures. The illustrations by other Indian artists typically from the Meruth Publications like Manoj comics/Raj Comics were very poor, below average.

    I always felt that character/stories were highly inspired by Foreign comics/heroes.
    But I enjoyed Vikram very much.
    It used to appear even in Marathi Daily/Weekly.
    I remeber one artist; I suppose his name was Shehbaz or Shahabaz.
    He used to draw the cover pages of many Indrajal cimics.Very beutiful sketeches..
    (You would see his signature some where in corner )
    Please post the cover pages if you've one by Shahebaz.

    Thanks once agin for sharing this wonderful eldorado.

  7. Thanks for this wonderful Vikram-Garud comics TPH. Loved it, but just now seen that I didn't leave a comment the last time I was here. So here I am :)