Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TPH #041 Disney Today 9122

Update: A new post has been made on ACK blog. Make a trip there and enjoy. ------------------------ The last disney comic I posted is having a part Mickey story. This one is having its second part. India has beaten Sri Lanka to enter the finals of tri series. Hoping to see some good contest in the finals.
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4 comment(s):

  1. Yes,great win today.Of late India has been showing a lot of grit here and there but there is still some time for them to be considered THE BEST.
    Nice comic,TPH.

  2. Again a nice delivery,i specially enjoyed the Donald Duck story.
    I remember very well the TV serial Donald Duck on DD around 20 years back,it was so hilarious that i try my best not to miss its even a single episode.

  3. Thanks, TPH. The Donald story is hilarious.

  4. Chandan: The Best? come on. We are still far from it. I think we are the most inconsistent (together with Pakistan). The other day we failed to score 204 on a decent batting track.

    CW: Donald is the sweetest character of disney. I enjoy him the most. 'Duck Tales' was a great serial. I also watched almost every episode.

    Deb: Welcome Deb. Nice to know you liked it.