Sunday, November 16, 2008

TPH #056 Phantom Sunday Strip #154 The Lion's Head Tamarine (year 2001)

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Now, talking of comics, I read a new phantom story (first time reading of a story) after quite a long time, and must admit I somehow liked it. It is sunday strip #154 from post Falk era, written by Claes Reimerthi, experienced Swedish writer of Phantom stories from team fantomen, and drawn by Graham Nolan, a fine comic book artist. The good thing about Nolan is that he doesn't try to copy the style of any of his predecessors like McCoy or Barry. Instead of this he sticks to his own way of drawing the scenes. It gives the pictures a fresh and energetic look.

The story resembles some of the stories created by Falk against a similar backdrop of conspiracy for power and it's associated cruelty. It begins with the same old words that we have read a number of times about the new generation being slowly developing along the coast of Bangalla and the usual not much changed wild jungle spreading for miles. It talks about the still mysterious misty mountains, their spoiled princes and kings and immediately grabs the attention of old lovers of Phantom.

Then story reminds the reader the origin of Rex, how Phantom found him and eventually succeeded in handing over his rightful place as the prince of Baronkhan, the largest, richest and mightiest kingdom in the misty mountains. In this way we are stuck to the original idea developed by Falk and Barry. A visit from old pal Tom-Tom makes us remember all the beautiful moments they shared in the jungle and then a conspiracy in the nearby state Dharmistan, a peculiar kingdom with strange but fascinating customs. Finally, all it needs the efforts of Phantom in his own familiar way to resolve the crisis.

Those who have missed this one for not being from Lee Falk's own pen (or for not having access to this one so far) may consider reading it. They won't be disappointed.

(31 Pages, 1024 px wide, 9.2 MB)

The strip ran for 31 weeks from 11 March 2001 to 07 October 2001.

Friday, November 7, 2008

TPH #055 Spiderman - 2 (Newyork WTC terrorist attack of 9/11 - A very unusual comic)

Here is the unusual comic I was referring to some time back. A very different kind of comic showcasing a popular character. It's really amazing to see the kind of ideas these comic creators develop, relating to the events taking place around us in the real world.

The story, well there is no story as such, but only the sequence of events taking place in the aftermath of WTC terrorist attack of 9/11 in New york. It's more like a documentary on the tragedy of the people, the large scale devastation that rendered most of the eyewitnesses numb, but at the same time provided an opportunity to many ordinary people to come forward and show their bravery, courage and more than anything else, the humanity.

The kind of sincerity with which the comic unfolds its colours truly amazes, and I must say that I haven't read many comics like this one. Its' a one of its kind, really.
स्पाइडर मैन - 2, Spiderman - 2 (Hindi)

(20 pages, 1440 px wide, 8.85 MB)