Friday, November 7, 2008

TPH #055 Spiderman - 2 (Newyork WTC terrorist attack of 9/11 - A very unusual comic)

Here is the unusual comic I was referring to some time back. A very different kind of comic showcasing a popular character. It's really amazing to see the kind of ideas these comic creators develop, relating to the events taking place around us in the real world.

The story, well there is no story as such, but only the sequence of events taking place in the aftermath of WTC terrorist attack of 9/11 in New york. It's more like a documentary on the tragedy of the people, the large scale devastation that rendered most of the eyewitnesses numb, but at the same time provided an opportunity to many ordinary people to come forward and show their bravery, courage and more than anything else, the humanity.

The kind of sincerity with which the comic unfolds its colours truly amazes, and I must say that I haven't read many comics like this one. Its' a one of its kind, really.
स्पाइडर मैन - 2, Spiderman - 2 (Hindi)

(20 pages, 1440 px wide, 8.85 MB)

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  1. Thanks, TPH. This one is truly unusual. I didn't know this one existed.

  2. I'm 2nd to Deb's comment,,never knew this comic exsisted and that too translated in Hindi! :-)

  3. Great Work! You are so versatile, unlike me whois only looking at Indrajals. but anyway, keep it up, I love spiderman always!!

  4. Its really a different kind of comic,more like a tribute to 9/11 tragedy.
    The illustrations are brilliant technically as well as inking too.Nice post over all.

  5. Deb: Welcome friend. Nice to hear that.

    Sagnik: It's really different.

    Sameer: Indrajal is indrajal. No match really. I am happy that you are back.

    CW: Correctly pointed out. Illustrations are great and story is very different.