Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mandrake Sunday Strip 072 - The Casino (year 1957) cleaned and coloured

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And here comes a Mandrake Sunday strip illustrated by original artist Phil Davis. This is sunday strip No. 72 - "The Casino" from 1957. It's not a very long story but I found the story interesting enough to be taken for colouring.

I had downloaded the black and white strip pages from Lothar's blog, which is a fine blog dedicated to Mandrake strips. It seems that he had downloaded it from some newspaper archive and hence the quality of print was not good. A lot of black spots appeared on the pages which required treatment before the strip could aquire some presentable form. Out of eight pages, four were cleaned by somebody (most probably Lothar himself) when I downloaded it. But the remaining four were still in quite a bad condition.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Classic Phantom Daily Strip by Ray Moore and Lee Falk (D006 - Adventure in Algiers) in full colours.

Phantom punishing a young girl old school style
Presenting another classic phantom tale here in this post, one from the earliest adventures penned by Lee Falk and illustrated by the original Phantom artist Ray Moore. The story was published as far back as 1938.

For Indian readers this is unread in coloured form (for most even in any form) as it was not published in indrajal comics. In fact they never published any of the Moore's strips. It seems a curious case as to why they overlooked some of the best phantom stories while giving space for some non-Falkian stories from franchisees from american publishing houses e.g. charlton etc.