Sunday, December 30, 2007

Comics posted in 2007 and their download stats

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First, results of a poll conducted last month about favourite IJC characters. I am giving screen-shot of the polls result.
Poll Conducted: 10 to 17 November'2007. Total Votes: 72 The results can be broadly categorised as: More Popular: 01. Phantom: 73% 02. Mandrake: 47% 03. Flash Gordon: 31% Moderately Popular: 04. Rip Kirby: 21% 05. Bahadur: 20% Less Popular: 06. Buz Sawyer: 18% 07. Dara: 18% 08. Garth: 15% 09. Lt Kerry Drake: 15% 10. Phil Corrigan: 12% 11. Aditya: 09% 12. Mike Nomad: 06% 13. Bruce Lee: 05%
Now, List of comics posted here at TPH (sorted by number of downloads, as on 30th Dec 2007.) 01. TPH #006 Gandor Devta (Diamond Phantom-72, Story 1of2) 02. TPH #004 Ek Aur Antariksha Manav - Mandrake (IJC #V23N26) 03. TPH #002 Royal Prisoner - Phantom (IJC #371) 04. TPH #016 Madam Sir-see (Diamond Mandrake-1, Story 2of3) 05. TPH #008 Vanya Manav - Phantom (IJC #205) 06. TPH #003 Manchale Shikari - Phantom (IJC #427) 07. TPH #013 Pakshi Manvon Ki Ghati - Mandrake (IJC #344) 08. TPH #005 Maut ka Shikanja - Flash Gordon (IJC #443) 09. TPH #019 Badal Manvon Ka Desh - Mandrake (IJC #22N02) 10. TPH #009 Khoonkhar Bahurupiya - Mandrake (IJC #V25N32) 11. TPH #025 Rahasyamaya Dweep (Diamond Phantom-8) 12. TPH #001 Shahi Qaidi - Phantom (IJC #371) 13. TPH #007 Sunahara Tilism - Rip Kirby (IJC #V20N10) 14. TPH #023 Lehron Par Nachti Maut - Phantom (IJC #V24N06) 15. TPH #011 Brahmanda Bhakshi - Mandrake (IJC #334) 16. TPH #014 Nar-Bhakshi devta - Phantom (IJC #V24N08) 17. TPH #017 Amar Chitra Katha (DA-26) Karn 18. TPH #010 Machini Auraton ka Shadyandra - Garth (IJC #V21N12) 19. TPH #018 Dahakta Pratishodh - Garth (IJC #V24N09) 20. TPH #024 Amar Chitra Katha_158 Angulimala 21. TPH #015 Aatank Ka Saaya - Lt Kerry Drake (IJC #V22N03) 22. TPH #020 Elvis Presley - The Story 23. TPH #021 Bahadur Ka Parakram - Bahadur (IJC #V23N05) 24. TPH #022 Spiderman - 01 ??. TPH #012 Messenger of Evil - Phantom (Egmont #16) (don't know actual number of downloads of this one as I forgot to log on to my mediafire account before uploading it.
Next, Front covers of the comics posted on TPH in the year 2007.
And here are two of my own drawings which I made during summer of 1987 (that means 20 years ago). Water colours are used.
Finally, two pages (one complete story) from a humourous British comic called Beezer. The comic contained many similar short stories in each issue. There were many popular characters in this comic like Pop, dick and harry, Hungry Hoss, The Banana Bunch, Young Sid, The Numskulls etc., but The Hillys and the Billys are two funniest parties always ready to fight each other. Last week I found an issue of Beezer in my nephew's old book stock. These scans are from that. Those interested in knowing more about Beezer can go for a wiki search.
Hope you enjoyed Hilly and Billys.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

TPH #025 Rahasyamaya Dweep (Diamond Phantom - 8)

          Merry Christmas to all Visitors -------------------------------------------
Here comes the 25th comic post of TPH. This is a fascinating story of Phantom which was never published by indrajal comics. Why? This is one of those very few phantom stories where canvas is very large. International conspiracy by russians exposed by our phantom in a way more like a James Bond adventure. TOI considered it not suitable to publish this story because India was having good relationship with then Soviet Union. Another bad example how officialdom works in this country. On all phantom discussion forums, phans are unanimous that the story is great, though the artwork is not of the highest standards. This is the work of young Sy Barry (as an artist of phantom) who had taken the reins from McCoy just two years ago. A long story (78 pages). Had IJC published it unedited, it would have taken them 3 full issues, or possibly 5-6 in case of a second story of some other character also given. ;-) Originally #D086 The Mystery of the Island of Dogs (3 Jun 1963 to 14 Dec 1963)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

TPH #024 ACK - 158 Angulimala

This post is dedicated to Swami Chandan Maharaj for his wonderful sermon at ICC. I have decided to take 'gurudeeksha' from him and be proudly called his disciple. (Look he has met with initial success in his mission Valmiki.) 
Download Swami Ji Ki Jai. Betwn, Swami Ji himself was angry and upset with me when he returned my one angry comment on him by two. Bibles preachings are for neighbour.
Between, the journey of TPH is heading towards its silver jubilee post. Wait for the next one. Dear Chandan, do I need to say sorry for this small leg pulling?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TPH #023 Lehron Par Nachti Maut - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #V24N06)

About 2 months ago, I had scanned some 20 IJCs but didnot post them because I wasn't satisfied with their scan quality. So wanted a rescan. Today when I looked at those scans I felt this one is of quite decent level, worth posting. So I am giving it today. This story is a republication of IJC #186 Sona Ya Maut (1973). A nice story.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

TPH #022 Spiderman - 01

There are many Spiderman comics available on net but none in Hindi (as I know). So I am presenting this one. The character requires no introduction after 3 very successful movies. This is the story of Peter Parker turning into Spiderman. The first spiderman comic was published in 1961. Stan Lee the creator has also produced some other popular characters like phantastic four.
   ----------------------------------------------------------- Download

Saturday, December 15, 2007

TPH #021 Bahadur Ka Parakram - Bahadur (Indrajal Comics #V23N05)

Surprised??? Well, a long time demand of Chandan to see a Bahadur here at TPH. Yesterday I found this comic on a book store quite unexpectedly. So, it gives me chance to open the account for this native hero.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

TPH #020 Elvis Presley - The Story


TPH #019 Badal Manvon Ka Desh - Mandrake (Indrajal Comics #22N02)


TPH #018 Dahakta Pratishodh - Garth (Indrajal Comics #V24N09)


TPH #017 Amar Chitra Katha (DA-26) Karn

First ACK on blog.

TPH #016 Madam Sir-see (Diamond Mandrake-1, Story 2)

Cover of indrajal version of this story is provided by CW. Thanks.

TPH #015 Aatank Ka Saaya - Lt Kerry Drake (Indrajal Comics #V22N03)

Download password: h9A#P^5py*7Di$5w2(1Ali%7T6_4oA6l!9L

TPH #014 Nar-Bhakshi devta - Phantom (ndrajal Comics #V24N08)

Republication of IJC #7 Narbhakshi Vriksha.
Download password: bA_TS$rr-uGLyc*rEat^uRe@s