Saturday, December 15, 2007

TPH #021 Bahadur Ka Parakram - Bahadur (Indrajal Comics #V23N05)

Surprised??? Well, a long time demand of Chandan to see a Bahadur here at TPH. Yesterday I found this comic on a book store quite unexpectedly. So, it gives me chance to open the account for this native hero.

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  1. Dear TPH,

    Great to see you back in business. Thanks for the comic. When I was young I loved the Phantom and I liked Bhadur. I have now developed a deep fascination for Bhadur and quite enjoy his comics now more than before.
    As usual the Hindi text would take me to read. But hey I got the time!

  2. Great to have you back!!!!

  3. Grouchy: Welcome. Bahadur has its own charm, may be because of simplicity of stories and local touch. I remember reading some really good bahadur stories. Don't remember the titles though.

    Deb: Thanks dear. You are welcome.

  4. Welcome back to life after a failed suicide attempt.....;o)

  5. Thanks a lot for the comeback.The post is a bigger surprise.Totally unexpected.The post,i feel,is more because you want a point to prove that Bahadur means no less to you.
    Also called THE GROWING SPECTRE,this is a fantastic adventure of Bahadur's.Great to read.I think i have read it about say when i was in mid-teens.
    TPH,I think i have mailed you many a time and my yahoo is working fine.There were no responses from you.
    Thanks to Ajay,ICC,CW,MTM,DARA for persuading this stubborn kid to be back in business.
    Well,here is a list of all BAHADUR titles that were ever published by one and only INDRAJAL COMICS.
    TPH---you will come to know which you read before....
    The Red Bricks House---the 1st comic
    Blood Suckers
    The Murderous Trio
    The White Ghost's Den
    The Challenge of Witch
    The Bandit Chief
    The Fire-Birds
    Double - Trap
    The KungFu Kings
    The Child Lifters
    The Invisible Saviour
    The Gang of Imposters
    The Secret Assignment
    The Desert Smugglers
    The Web of Hatred
    The Mystery of the Headless Ghost
    The Golden Tower
    The Spectre of Crime
    The Dragons
    The Vengeful Outlaws
    Highway Gang
    Treacherous Vandals
    The Maze of Treachery
    The Secret of the Blue Mountain
    The Duel at Shikargarh
    The Great Bank Robbery
    The Treasure Trail
    Operation Cancer
    The Savage Family
    The Drug Scandal
    Ambush on the Beach
    Treasure in the Ruins
    The Land Grabbers
    The Coal Mafia
    The Bridge on the River Nandi
    The Highway Inn
    Journey to the Silver Sands
    The Satan's Legion
    The Crime Syndicate of Arjangarh
    The Big Three of Kanakpur
    The Slave Runners
    The Sword of Honour
    The Massacre at Sitapur
    The Ill Fated Outlaws
    The Steel Grip
    The Sweet Revenge
    The Growing Spectre-----bahadur-ka-parakram, posted by TPH
    The Tantalizing Killer
    The Vortex of Crime
    The Mask of Deception
    Curse of the Guarding Spirits
    The Whispering Shadows
    The Masked Princess
    The Price of Revenge
    The Dictates of Destiny
    The Abominable Deal
    The Seeds of Poison
    The Preying Ravens
    The Brewing Treachery
    The Call of the Valley
    The Fire of Vengeance
    The Savage Outlaws
    The Calunge Beach
    The Clutches of Greed
    The Dreaded Fugitive
    The Prowling Wolves
    The Innocent Hostages
    The Mistaken Identity
    The Death Duel
    The Raging Evil
    The Haunted Fort
    The Bank Heist
    The Ghastly Encounter
    The Fire of Revenge
    The Snake Charmers Bait---unfortunately was the last comic.


  6. CW: It's the love of all of you that saved my life. I am thankful for this.

    Chandan: Great job dear. you certainly put some effort and invested time to prepare this. The list is also available with me but sadly it doesn't make me remember the story by title alone. May be CW and ICC can help with front covers postings.

    Thanks for all these loving comments. About the mail, yahoo was certainly out of order for past couple of days. It only came back to life this morning only. So, plz excuse me for not replying promptly.

    Well, I do not intend to prove any point by posting a bahadur comic. I always wanted to post one, but did not have any. So when I grabbed it at a book store, was quick to scan and post (within 4 hours of purchase).

  7. Dear TPH,

    Could you post Bhadur's "The Snake Charmers Bait". This is one comic I would love to read english/hindi for it has our dear Bela rise from a lake in wet saree (if I rememebr rightly) Mandakini ishtyle ;)

  8. TPH----please post remaining stories of Mandrake(SIR-SEE MADAM)Digest.I think 2 are remaining.Please post one next.

    GC---hope to see a coloured strip on your blog soon.

  9. Grouchy: This is a much talked about comic of Bahadur but equally elusive so far. Unfortunately I don't have this but I think both CW and ICC are having it in physical form. Hope one of them will provide it.

    Chandan: OK dear. I'll be putting it soon.

    Meanwhile, I got some old comics (1978-1983) at a store. Though they are not indrajals but I purchased them because of the creators, i.e., JAGJIT UPPAL and PRADEEP SAATHE. [Can anyone guess the character's name?]I had never heard of this character before but story is quite good. The drawings are also very good, even better than DARA (other creation of Mr Saathe). I'll post it soon.

  10. Let me guess..
    ACK/MCK or Chitra Bharati comics?
    Last guess----TINKLE?

  11. Nope! None of these. It is SUN comics. Guess the character's name.

  12. Sun comics,well i have never been witness to them but just a wild guess....maybe Superman,Batman..