Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TPH #023 Lehron Par Nachti Maut - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #V24N06)

About 2 months ago, I had scanned some 20 IJCs but didnot post them because I wasn't satisfied with their scan quality. So wanted a rescan. Today when I looked at those scans I felt this one is of quite decent level, worth posting. So I am giving it today. This story is a republication of IJC #186 Sona Ya Maut (1973). A nice story.

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  1. tph, though the quality is not as good as ur earlier scans, still far better than many comics posted at ICC and TCP,
    which i dont mind, ajay has done some fantastic scanning and some times really bad, the point is efforts are most important than any other thing, thats why we are able to read some very very rare comics from him,, same here,
    so dont worry about quality, as long as the comic is readable,, i wont mind certainaly nor our readers

  2. Its a very exciting story where Phantom executes a blackmailing gang.Thanks for posting it..i am having its original Hindi version (Sona Ya Maut),will be posting it some day..:o)

  3. TPH---Not a question of misguiding anyone.Iam referring to some "living being biting" words of yours.OK?
    Anyway,just tell me one thing.Will we see you in a different mode?

    Very nice comic,have read in one of the libraries aS CHALLENGE OF THE HIJACKERS.
    Great.Keep up the good effort.

  4. different mode or different mood?

    he is really firing at the moment -::

  5. I found the scans quite okay. Couldnt say they were of lower quality at all. Glad you didnt delete them earlier!

    Now this is a comic I havent read before. So it will take me longer to figure out. Could someone please post either english version of original strip please.

    Regarding the blondie strip: I compiled using ComicGen. I couldnt get it any better than this. I should probably try some other software.

  6. Different mode...aloof from whatever that happens around him.
    Do what he needs to do without getting his "mood" spoilt.

  7. i think he expects his "friend" to say sorry. ;_)))

  8. i think he expects his "friend" to say sorry. ;_)))

    Iam with you on that,ICC.Come on,just 5 letters are separating them.
    Actually both are avid lovers of FLASH.
    BTW,today is Independence day of GOA.

  9. ICC---yes,please post a FLash comic.Nice idea.
    Hope it makes a difference.

  10. ICC: Thanks. Exactly what I feel. Two of my still surviving comments on MTM on that doomed day expresses similar feelings. Thanks for all other efforts here.

    CW: I would certainly like to see that older story. Thanks.

    Chandan: thanks. you are welcome. better we discuss rest of the matter through mails.

    Grouchy: This is a nice story. Hope someone post its english version soon for you. thanks for blondie strip. I have installed comicgen and would be testing it soon. Testing different softwares is my another hobby.