Tuesday, December 25, 2007

TPH #025 Rahasyamaya Dweep (Diamond Phantom - 8)

          Merry Christmas to all Visitors -------------------------------------------
Here comes the 25th comic post of TPH. This is a fascinating story of Phantom which was never published by indrajal comics. Why? This is one of those very few phantom stories where canvas is very large. International conspiracy by russians exposed by our phantom in a way more like a James Bond adventure. TOI considered it not suitable to publish this story because India was having good relationship with then Soviet Union. Another bad example how officialdom works in this country. On all phantom discussion forums, phans are unanimous that the story is great, though the artwork is not of the highest standards. This is the work of young Sy Barry (as an artist of phantom) who had taken the reins from McCoy just two years ago. A long story (78 pages). Had IJC published it unedited, it would have taken them 3 full issues, or possibly 5-6 in case of a second story of some other character also given. ;-) Originally #D086 The Mystery of the Island of Dogs (3 Jun 1963 to 14 Dec 1963)

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  1. i am the first one to comment on 25th comic... yeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    congrats tph, u r thru 25... so next target is 50 , 100 500 1000 and many more..... may god bless u with comics...

    may someone can call ur scans "worthless" but according to me, they are "price-less"

    Merry Christmas to you and ur family

    thanks for posting.. by the way from which daily/sunday it has adopted

  2. thanks dear icc, merry chrismas to you and family also. #D086. thanks for appreciating the scans.


    A great comic to mark the event,ICC just mentioned the perfect statement.And you definitely deserve it.I want you you to move to ur next 50 posts now.And please improve your frequency and we all will improve ours as far as comments are concerned.
    Give regards to the little ones.

  4. Many congrats for the 25th post,keep the good work like as.
    TPH i never called your scans as worthless,it was only a typing mistake where 'selfless' was typed as 'worthless'.Personally i admire and rate you and your work on a high scale.
    If still you have any grudge against me then i am willing to opologize up to any extent you wishes for a small typing mistake.

  5. merry X'MAS...

    thanks for good gift of phantom book, and congr8s for 25th post ......

  6. TPH,
    Congrats on ur quarter century!
    BTW wish I could read this non IJC in English as well.

    Best wishes and
    S:E:A:S:O:N ' s G:R:E:A:T:I:N:G:S
    to u and all!

  7. New Year's Day is every man's birthday. So, Happy New Year, Friends.

  8. Dear TPH,

    Best wishes for the new year.
    For once I have the phantom daily D086 The Mystery of the Island of Dogs. It was kindly given a long time ago to me by MTM. If he permits I shall post it in my blog.

  9. Can you please let us know when this comic was published by Diamond?

    78 pages of scanning is hard work. Appreciate the effort. I like the position of the logo 'TPH presentation' in the last picture. It suits it very well.

  10. Chandan: Thank you very much. Yaar, 5 comics in 10 days (15 Dec to 25 Dec) is not a bad frequency, specially when this last one is equivalent to 3 indrajals. It took me 3 days to scan and photoshop for this one. Please consider that. Appreciate your feedback as always.

    Ravi: You are most welcome. I have no problem whatsoever even if you really meant what you 'mistakenly' typed. Now is the time to move ahead leaving behind all that happened. Many people have doubts whether this is your real identity. If it is so then please leave this skin and come with your real self. We are more than happy to welcome you.

    dholey: Thanks. yes, this is a good story. You are welcome.

    comicrazee: Thanks for the wishes. Wishing same to you. MTM and Grouchy (most probably ICC also) are having this as english strip. I am also eager to have that. Good story this.

    prabhat: happy new year to you. Welcome here.

    Grouchy: Thanks dear. Wishing you all the happiness in the coming year. May this new year brings for all of us many cheerful moments to share and enjoy.

    I'll be thankful if you could post the english strip.

    Thanks for appreciating the effort. Indeed it was tiresome and boring to some extent because of repeatitiveness of effort on same comic, but seeing it in completion now is satisfying. The number of downloads justify the efforts.

    Incidently, the last diamond phantom (god of gandor) I posted earlier, is the one with highest number of downloads among 24 posted by me so far. diamond mandrake is also not far behind. Just holding 3rd place in the list.

  11. Grouchy: Sorry. I forgot to answer your query. Diamond never mentioned the month and year of publication anywhere in the comic. It made them reselling the old issues only by changing the cover. They had started publishing phantoms and mandrakes in 1990 and initially published them bimonthly. As this one is numbered 8, so it should be from 1991 probably. They again published the same story in issues 70 and 98 in later years.

    I did not have a single diamond p/m comic upto 2 months ago but during this time I have purchased some 40 issues each of them. There are few more stories never published by indrajal.

  12. Thanks TPH, for this excellent comics.

    I am surprised why TOI didn't publish it, as there is hardly any anti-russian stuff. I wouldn't have noticed it, had I not read about it in your comments.

    - Ruchi.

  13. TPH.....sorry if u felt bad.
    i was saying that just to prop u up,i really appreciate the effort.
    No doubts about that,proves why iam writing this.
    But Dcs i felt were quite inconsistent and irregular,u cud never make out which story was published as what.
    What i want to know is total how many Diamond P/M digests were published?The One thing i know is they took the publishing rights as soon as IC's stopped their publication.
    So are new dc's being published?
    Here in Goa you get lots of Superman,Batman,Tinkle comics but IC'S have only remained a distant dream....MCK and DC's have disappeared,just my luck not to have them.
    Just goes to show that u got to make the best of whatever comes your way.I cud have been easily the master of 400-500 Indrajals and even Dc's but i got to blame myself for that.....
    just thought that they wud be sitting there for was a cheap thought and iam paying very dearly for them.....
    But the likes of you,ICC,MTM and others have definitely enabled me to get very very close to own them(scans)and iam highly indebted for that.
    That's why i have the highest regard for BLOGGERS and i don't even hesitate to BEG for them because i know they(bloggers) wud definitely know what they(comics) mean to me.

  14. Chandan

    That's why i have the highest regard for BLOGGERS and i don't even hesitate to BEG for them

    Why such sarcastic comments from "swami" like you...
    let the bygone be bygone,, and move ahead...

  15. Hi TPH,

    can you share the comics in English, please ?

    So I - and others - will be able to read them...


  16. ok,dear ICC.....but once in a while allow me to be human and express my feelings,after all i never try to hurt anyone's sentiments,just put what i feel at that point of time.
    And please dont ever call me SWAMI.
    The title is more suitable for you because great people are those who appreciate even small efforts of others.
    The fact that you have included many of us in your VIP list proves the fact about your thinking and love for others.Our small comments are nothing before your splendid display of a array of breathtaking comics.
    You are a down to earth personality and i love that.

    TPH....i admire your effort also of posting good comics,keep it up.
    Iam always with those who live for others.Trust me,wont be disappointed.


  17. Ruchi: Welcome. It's about a base prepared by russians at some nearby coastal area of Africa. Poor chaps. They mustn't be having any idea of presence of our Phantom loyally protecting the American interests there.

    Chandan: Thanks. Diamonds were really having no competetion for IJCs. They published from 1990 to some 2000-01 but didn't publish many new stories. Mostly the stories from 1960 to 1992 were published in diamonds which were largely just the poor reprints of Indrajals. Some 100 P/M digests each were published but many of the books were published again so in all there are just 50 something issues of Phantom and Mandrake. But most of the digests were having 2 or 3 stories.

    I am not very excited by having them in paper form.

    TIA: Plenty of english comics are available on different blogs. So, I'll be giving a mix of both hindi and english. There are many takers of hindi ones also as is evident from number of downloads. Thanks for sparing some time and leaving this message.