Thursday, December 20, 2007

TPH #024 ACK - 158 Angulimala

This post is dedicated to Swami Chandan Maharaj for his wonderful sermon at ICC. I have decided to take 'gurudeeksha' from him and be proudly called his disciple. (Look he has met with initial success in his mission Valmiki.) 
Download Swami Ji Ki Jai. Betwn, Swami Ji himself was angry and upset with me when he returned my one angry comment on him by two. Bibles preachings are for neighbour.
Between, the journey of TPH is heading towards its silver jubilee post. Wait for the next one. Dear Chandan, do I need to say sorry for this small leg pulling?

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  1. Another welcome Amar Chitra Katha..also congrats in advance for the silver jubilee post,i am hoping for something special!!!
    Keep to good work coming only to celebrate more jubilees...

  2. keep it up buddy, we want someting special from u..

    swami ji purush nahi hai.................................................................................. haihaihaihaihaihai

    maha purush hai,,,,,

    tum log aur thodi fight karo,,, woh bhagwan ho jayenge,,,

  3. ICC,TPH...thanks,but i don't deserve it.
    TPH....they were warm words with a cool head.You only read those,if you had heard,you would have known.

    Now for the silver jubilee post i would like you to post something which is dear to CW and ICC.
    Its time someone did something for them in return of all those cherished showers on us.

  4. thanks for ACK ....hope to get MORE and more and more ack from you .... (the only plce to get ACK) .......

    CONGR8s for silver jubilee ..... waiting for the next one ......

  5. TPH i liked your idea of posting ACKs,i was also thinking to start a separate blog for Amar Chitra Kathas but since i was not sure of devoting the minimum required time in a long run for it hence i dropped the idea.
    If you require scans of any particular ACK kindly let me know to provide you in the case if i am having it.Though mostly my all ACKs are placed at my home town which i am thinking to bring them here but its a cumber sum job to do!!!!!

  6. Last few days my net connection was out of order. Welcome back. It’s really nice to see you all in a good sprit. I believe, “Nothing we brought together and nothing will take”. My request to all blog owners, please delete all material regarding last incidents from blogs. A lot of new comers and children will visit your’s blog in future. Nice post.

  7. Thanks TPH, hope to see more ACKs in future.

  8. CW: Thanks. Let me see what I can post for 25th. I think I have taken some pressure on me by announcing in advance.

    You are right. Maintaining a separate blog on ACKs may be a good idea but practically it is very difficult to run two blogs with same level of inputs, quality and quantity wise. Bala's Phantom Strip blog is an example where he is less frequent in postings.

    If you don't want to post ACKs on Comic World (as many have advised) and unable to start a separate blog, you may consider posting them here yourself. I can grant you administrative rights to use this blog also. Anyway, thanks for offering.

    ICC: Something special? What about Swami Ji Vachan Mala for this occasion? A collection of selected thoughts over a variety of topics.

    Chandan: You definitely deserve it. Your thoughts were of highest level. I really do appreciate them.

    Dholey: Will be giving more ACKs. What other comics you read? Thanks for commenting.

    Prabhat: You are most welcome. I think only the vulgar and abusive language should be deleted not everything. Who knows we might be laughing at all this, say after 6 months.

    Deb: Thanks. You are welcome. Yes, more will be coming.

    Grouchy: Thanks. I am happy to know that.

  9. Hi TPH,
    Now a days IJC comblogs are getting more interesting and lively, inspite of all those negative vibes. With likes of Chandan around, we don't have any reason to worry. These episodes are only fillers to laugh about later, in between the comics.

  10. tph,= u r right , its difficult to manage 2 blogs at a time. example : cw's movie world, bala and mines phantom comics strips...

    but my "maa bahen will be abig hit" u will find all quality work,,

    jokes apart, i have a suggestion, why cant we share the blog, i also have some acks, inclding full 3 vol mahabharata.. so we can post accordingly and as time permits, u cw and i will start it, any contributors want to join, they r welcome, we will send the invitation to post, and we will keep admin, rights to ourselves.

  11. thanks for replying me ...
    i love ACK (A DIE HARD FAN OF IT) and i love indrjal too ....

    and hats off to you because this is the only place where i can get ACK

    hope to get MORE n MORE n more ACK here ....

    long live TPH ....... :)

  12. TPH: I liked your generous idea of sharing your blog for ACKs,i gladly agree for the offer.

  13. opps, i missed ur comment, tph, u said the same thing

  14. comicrazee: rightly said friend. chandan bhai will place everything in order by his divine touch. jai ho.

    icc: let's discuss ACKs through mail. Keep publishing something on "maa bahen" too. It will be inspirational to others.

    dholey: welcome. hope to get a lot more ACKs soon as CW and ICC are also showing interest.

    CW: will be mailing you soon.

  15. can someone plz post ACK ........... who no one is intereasted in posting them ????
    plzzzzz upload them......

  16. plz upload more of ACK's..
    thank u

  17. hi ! i just tried to access to the aCK blog and it says its open only to invited do i get a invitation..please send me a invite.
    thank you

  18. plz upload more of ACK's ....