Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taking Fresh Guard

Thanks to all of you for showing such affection. I am highly indebted. Last one month has been quite eventful for me. Some really great moments were seen on personal front. On 22nd of November, my second baby is born. Another cesarean for my wife and she was in hospital till 30th. Complete rest is advised for at least one month. Second cesarean is more difficult experience. ------------------- [Edit - 15 jan 08] Removed the photographs -------------------
me and baby (25th nov, 2007) baby seems happy (26th nov, 2007) home coming (30th nov, 2007)

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  1. Come on,TPH.Be back now.Iam sure Dara is trying to offer you a hand of friendship.Its your turn.
    We will all celebrate your return.
    Nice to know about your family.
    Take care of the little one.
    Warm regards.

  2. congratulation...

    There is no equal feeling of fatherhood... words woven in any any permutations, can not express such feeling...

  3. Chandan: As you can see now, I am here. Thanks for all concerns. Lovely to get your feed-backs continuously.

    ubermann: Wonderfully said. Absolutely true.

  4. Hi TPH, I was out on vacation since last few weeks, and was not catching up on any of the IJC blogs.

    Congratulations for the new arrival! I hope the baby inherits father's love of comics... stories... books.

    - Ruchi.

  5. Ruchi: Thanks. Always a pleasure having a visitor from that far. Vacationing for weeks. Vow, must be having good times.

    Chances are bright. The first one is turning into a book lover as well. But she is against me sitting on pc for long hours.

  6. Today started checking your blog from beginning, come to know about BABY. Out’s heartiest congratulations. Take care of the little one and your wife. We can wait your posts. My twins- daughter and son are going school in India, living far from us. Enjoy every seconds with your family.