Sunday, December 30, 2007

Comics posted in 2007 and their download stats

----------------------------------------------------- [one]
First, results of a poll conducted last month about favourite IJC characters. I am giving screen-shot of the polls result.
Poll Conducted: 10 to 17 November'2007. Total Votes: 72 The results can be broadly categorised as: More Popular: 01. Phantom: 73% 02. Mandrake: 47% 03. Flash Gordon: 31% Moderately Popular: 04. Rip Kirby: 21% 05. Bahadur: 20% Less Popular: 06. Buz Sawyer: 18% 07. Dara: 18% 08. Garth: 15% 09. Lt Kerry Drake: 15% 10. Phil Corrigan: 12% 11. Aditya: 09% 12. Mike Nomad: 06% 13. Bruce Lee: 05%
Now, List of comics posted here at TPH (sorted by number of downloads, as on 30th Dec 2007.) 01. TPH #006 Gandor Devta (Diamond Phantom-72, Story 1of2) 02. TPH #004 Ek Aur Antariksha Manav - Mandrake (IJC #V23N26) 03. TPH #002 Royal Prisoner - Phantom (IJC #371) 04. TPH #016 Madam Sir-see (Diamond Mandrake-1, Story 2of3) 05. TPH #008 Vanya Manav - Phantom (IJC #205) 06. TPH #003 Manchale Shikari - Phantom (IJC #427) 07. TPH #013 Pakshi Manvon Ki Ghati - Mandrake (IJC #344) 08. TPH #005 Maut ka Shikanja - Flash Gordon (IJC #443) 09. TPH #019 Badal Manvon Ka Desh - Mandrake (IJC #22N02) 10. TPH #009 Khoonkhar Bahurupiya - Mandrake (IJC #V25N32) 11. TPH #025 Rahasyamaya Dweep (Diamond Phantom-8) 12. TPH #001 Shahi Qaidi - Phantom (IJC #371) 13. TPH #007 Sunahara Tilism - Rip Kirby (IJC #V20N10) 14. TPH #023 Lehron Par Nachti Maut - Phantom (IJC #V24N06) 15. TPH #011 Brahmanda Bhakshi - Mandrake (IJC #334) 16. TPH #014 Nar-Bhakshi devta - Phantom (IJC #V24N08) 17. TPH #017 Amar Chitra Katha (DA-26) Karn 18. TPH #010 Machini Auraton ka Shadyandra - Garth (IJC #V21N12) 19. TPH #018 Dahakta Pratishodh - Garth (IJC #V24N09) 20. TPH #024 Amar Chitra Katha_158 Angulimala 21. TPH #015 Aatank Ka Saaya - Lt Kerry Drake (IJC #V22N03) 22. TPH #020 Elvis Presley - The Story 23. TPH #021 Bahadur Ka Parakram - Bahadur (IJC #V23N05) 24. TPH #022 Spiderman - 01 ??. TPH #012 Messenger of Evil - Phantom (Egmont #16) (don't know actual number of downloads of this one as I forgot to log on to my mediafire account before uploading it.
Next, Front covers of the comics posted on TPH in the year 2007.
And here are two of my own drawings which I made during summer of 1987 (that means 20 years ago). Water colours are used.
Finally, two pages (one complete story) from a humourous British comic called Beezer. The comic contained many similar short stories in each issue. There were many popular characters in this comic like Pop, dick and harry, Hungry Hoss, The Banana Bunch, Young Sid, The Numskulls etc., but The Hillys and the Billys are two funniest parties always ready to fight each other. Last week I found an issue of Beezer in my nephew's old book stock. These scans are from that. Those interested in knowing more about Beezer can go for a wiki search.
Hope you enjoyed Hilly and Billys.

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  1. wow i am the first to get TPH review of 2007 .....

  2. Nice Post TPH,

    Your drawings are great! You could have been a cartoonist yourself.

    All the very best for 2008.


  3. Nice post,fantastic drawings.

    What a year we have had.
    It was a eventful year for mixed reasons.
    It marked the sad end for TCP..
    But also saw return of the much awaited,coveted ICC whom i respect a lot.He was back with a bang and gladly welcomed by all.

    It also saw a comeback of you as well for which all of us are grateful as viewers.

    So all in all it was a year to remember and from viewers' point of view i wud very much like to hear from TCP who has vanished beyond the horizon.
    I wud like to see ICC,MTM and you continue to post some big ones in 2008 and enthrall,entertain us.
    i also request you to start COMING UP NEXT column promptly.Don't think i have forgotten it.

    And lastly,my fellow viewers,if you do respect these blogger' efforts,come out and show by way of comments and lets flood them all.
    Because they deserve each and every bit of that.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. great posts and stats..

    i think tcp had stopped because of the fight between sagnik and col worobu... i mean, he already lost his interest becuase of dara/disturber and this fight did the remaining...

    chandan, thnks for the compliments, but i would like to take the name of CW and MTM and TPH, AA who have done a remarkable job....
    and i really have very high hopes from TPH

  6. Dear TPH, Nice compilation. I personally think its irrelevant as to why TCP left. He has left and its no matter why. Bringing this issue up would serve no purpose other than bring back old memories.

    I would like to point out that
    is one blogger who we should visit, thank, speak about and comment more often. He also posts Phantom and Mandrake now and then. His blog is also an original idea. Its a pity not many people comment on that.

    All this aside, I like your presentaton of the year that is past (almost!). May the new year be a very happy one for you and the rest of us.

  7. Some of the options provided in the TCP poll are not exactly in good taste. It may possibly hurt TCP if he/shes see it.

  8. i dont think so, GS
    those comments (about TCP and IP) are on lighter notes.. if tcp reads those, he will be delighted.. his soh is not bad...

    i think tcp got a BB (baby.. called as broadband) so he decided to quit :_))



    I suggest you to update our IOB on 1st of Jan

  9. Is there any way of persuading TCP back into the scene. He is truly missed by every IJC lover. No comic blogs are complete without TCP.

    Or should we go the jungle and cry:
    Phantooooooom..... heeeeeeeeelp.....
    TCP is still misssssssssssing!!!!

  10. dholey: yes dear. you are the first. Happy new year.

    Vitesh: Thanks you sir. Hmmm not a bad idea. Then I would be posting 25 of my own cartoons and then one Indrajal.

    bahadur: Prabhujeeeeee, Tum Chandan Hum Paani.

    Not many can write like you. I just love it.

    Surely we all miss TCP. I discovered comic blogs when he had stopped, so never got a chance to interact with him by any means. But during preparation of the IOB for first time, I read all his posts and many comments. What a man. Some of his posts are real treasure. For example, the post about his personal experience of that 26 July 2005 rain in Mumbai. [] Awesome write.

    ICC: Thanks a lot dear. Would you believe at first I included this option in the poll (that poll was on blog for some half an hour) and then to avoid any possible controversy, replaced that by this lighter one (about IP). See the funny thing, grouchy is finding it not appropriate and you are mentioning the original.

    Grouchy: Thank you sir. I agree with your views on Frank. He is surely doing a good job.

    About TCP, first, as ICC also said, that option is a very lighter one. I don't think anyone (including those concerned) will take it any seriously. I thought it will just give a little smile to the reader. Secondly, I don't see any possibility of him actually seeing this. He can't be a silent visitor for so long. I am sure he will be doing some other pioneering work in a different field today.

    And finally dear dr., kindly allow us to be a little bit playful sometime. Take it as LTCM (Light Temperamental Cool Matter NOT Low Temperature Condensed Matter).

    ICC: My god! Now I fear your 'getip' or some other software is reading my mind also. coming soon. You are a real dangerous man. hahahahah.

    comicrazee: Absolutely. We all want him back. Just love his posts.

  11. happy new yeare to all comic-o-holics ........

  12. A very nice way of presenting 'lekha-jokha' of previous year's achievements.
    I am always a admirer of your innovative ideas...your cartoons reminded me of mine art work too which i used to draw a long way back..inspired by you i am also thinking to put up some of those work.

  13. TPH,
    Your innovations are really
    RRRRRRRR O C K I N G !!!!

  14. CW: Thanks. I would love to see your cartoons. Don't keep thinking and let them come.

    comicrazee: Thanks. Welcome.

  15. I Always like those charactors from my childhood. when i saw this site I feel like I'm born again. thanks for everyone who send those everlasting golden comics & stripes,

    weeratunga - from SriLanka

  16. Nice to hear from you Mr Weeratunga. One of the blessings of the internet revolution is to relive the golden moments of the childhood through these classic comics. We have similar feelings on this matter.