Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Bye

I have abandoned this blog. No more posting will be done here.

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  1. Hey man, dont do that!
    Anyway, it was such a gud wrk, my heartiest wishes fr wat u gave 2 us...
    like jagjit singh..
    ye doulat bhi le lo, ye shoharat bhi le lo,
    magar muzko lauta do bachpan ke vo din...
    u did the same my fella ...
    god bless u!
    Sushant bhartiya

  2. Dear TPH can i know the cause behind this abandonment act!!!!!!
    The most obvious speculated/guessed cause may be the ugly latest prevailing bout..if its the real and only reason then i am sorry to see your reaction over it....leaving the field and giving up was not at all expected from a person of your stature.
    And if there are other reasonable reasons then i can understand..anyway take care and best of luck for your future ventures.

  3. Sad to see you go. I guess you have your reasons.

    Anyway I wish you good luck and all the best.

  4. Oh Man, What happened here. Guess I missed all this. Please don't quit. Sorry to see this happen, keep in touch and good luck in your future endeavours. You have my email...

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  6. No!!!!!
    I am sorry!
    I think there is need also your blog in internet!

  7. Why to quit, you all were very good providing good material to read. If you have personal reason to quit , it it is ok, otherwise quitting over discussion has no meaning. Pl resume your work. Every one's efforts are needed & duly given weight . I request you to reconsider your decision .

    Ajay Misra

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  9. I really miss you. Without you "The League" is incomplete. Hope one day for real comics lovers and friends come back.

  10. Hi,
    Now 8-9 days alredy gone...think it's enough time to get over some 'fight' n back to NORMAL life!!

    So,plse back in your buisness lst can comment! :-)

    P.S.- I guess,these comic-blogs r meant for GUYS only!So,rona-dhona bandh karlo aur purni adat (comment/comic-posting) asamlo!



  11. New template! Is it an indication of your return,,,

    All wishes ))))