Monday, October 27, 2008

TPH #054 Saanpon Ki Devi (part 2) - Phantom (Indrajal Comics V25N28)

Second part of this story is presented now. Couldn't scan much during the last few weeks but finally it's here.It's a very nice story, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have.

A supplementary Indian comic is also included in this issue, named Timpa, and this one is also very interesting. Created by Avijit Chatterjee, Timpa's adventures were published in few Indrajal issues. Sagnik informed in one of his post (on in some comment) that few independent comics of Timpa were also published.

Talking about the present Phantom story of snake goddess, the plot is very interesting and has all the qualities of a good phantom adventure. But it's sad to notice that Falk and Barry were creating such good stories even in 1988 and soon after Indrajal stopped its publication, leaving a large fan follwing in displeasure.

Well, for now enjoy this one.
Indrajal Comics V25N28 Sanpon Ki Devi (part 2) - Phantom, 1988

(32 pages, 1280 px wide, 11 MB)

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  1. Nice to see d 2nd part!:-)
    And yes,FALK-BARRY were still in their best when IJC cancelled!!It's fortunate 'nuff at least we could read some stuffs(of '90s) frm DC,one Local colored Magazine & REST frm B/W FREWs etc & from that I can say till '93/'94 it was good tales around BUT FOR LATER STRIPS,ALL Charms were lost!SAME IN CASE OF MY FAV "MANDRAKE"!
    By d way,you r right,TIMPA was 1st appeared in a INDEPENDENT BOOK Format in Kolkata,since 1986,and there 3/4 books published before TOI bought d publishing right frm PARAS and then as much as 36 Timpa comics(sometimews in parts) were published in 1988-89 Indrajas!

    I've 3 hard copies,but for ALL friends here's some SCAN of 3 Books which u can d/l from below links(a e-friend contribution):


    HAPPY DIWALI!! :-)

  2. By d way,do you have DC Mandrake #18,19 etc where COBRA'S Identity was revealed as OCTON etc?? I remember u said long ago,,,
    CAN U PLEASE POST/SCAN THOSE??Dying 2 read 'em!Incomplete/complete,sab chalega!...plz consider this... :-)

  3. Thanks Sagnik. Yes, I do have the mentioned Mandrake diamond comics where identity of Octon was revealed as Cobra. But sadly I have only last two parts out of three, i.e., #19 and #20. Let me search for the first part (#18). I think CW is having it. If he can post the first, then it would be great to see all the three parts together. Please allow me some time to contact him.

  4. Ok,but do it soon as it's one strip am(n many MTM-Fans!) dying to read!! :-)

    And check out those TIMPA Books,u won't disaponted for sure!

  5. Sagnik and TPH,yes,i am having all 3 parts,viz:18,19 and 20 which portrays the story where the identity of Octon was revealed.I think i m also having that Diamond Mandrake Digest in which all these 3 parts were published together.
    TPH let me know when are you planning to post it so that i can scan accordingly.

  6. Yeah,apart from 18,19 and 20 all these parts were also published collectively in a digest at a later stage.

  7. #CW & TPH:Thanks! :-) as both of you'll scan those DCs,hope it'll be sooner,,,

    And yes,as I learnt in DC #66,ALL 3 Parts were Republished! See wht my bad luck,,,in last few months I got so many DC-Mandrake from #1 -#25 & then #48 -73,but eventually MISSED that particular strip(17,18,19 & 66)in BOTH occasions!:((

  8. Thanks, TPH. Your scans are excellent, friend.

  9. also check this..

    i have planned to build a home for indian comic industry no matter they are old indrajal or new Raj Comics. I have a large database collected from different sources and i am goind to place all comics under one roof.