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Sunday, February 24, 2008

TPH #040 Disney Today 9121

Bought this book some time ago. Or rather it was sold to me by a smart salesperson visiting my home. This is a really wonderful book and I had to spend only Rs 300 for this. The real price, as the back cover declares, is Rs 1495. Now I think it would not have a bad purchase even at that price. the book has a website also.
What makes a comic blogger continue with same enthusiasm and joy? Perhaps some stats. Here are some: Number of my scanned comics on blogs: 42 (38 on TPH and 4 elsewhere) Total number of comic pages scanned by me (including current comic): 1369 No. of days blogging: 158 that means 8.66 comic page scans per day. Wow.
Here comes another fine Disney comic. Two Donald stories are extremely hilarious. I enjoyed them immensely. The best way to enjoy a Disney is to read it on your laptop sitting in a comfortable position in bed. It should be your last read before sleep and a fine sleep can be guaranteed.
(29 pages, 1024px width, 7.53 MB)

5 comment(s):

  1. Rightly said,2 stories are really hilarious specially the 1st one...i really enjoyed it.Though i am also having few Disney today but i never read them till now,should be reading them now.
    Scan quality is very good..which scanner you use TPH!!Also which s/w you use for compressing/finishing the scans.

  2. "The best way to enjoy a Disney is to read it on your laptop sitting in a comfortable position in bed. It should be your last read before sleep and a fine sleep can be guaranteed".
    TPH----i like the enthusiasm in u and i also see a little kid in u.
    But iam glad that u have a craze for other comics also unlike me for whom ics mean a lot more than anything else.But having said that i cant help it,i have got addicted to those and it will take a mighty herculean task for withdrawing this habit which i think and know is next to impossible.
    But continue your great effort ,although i wud love to see a few English Indrajals too here.
    And of course i love that new PHANTOM picture/banner.Its awesome.

  3. CW: Thanks. I am using HP F-380 all-in-one. Probably you are also using the same. Over the time through some trials, I have been able to develop a method to get a good balance between quality and file size. I use Photoshop only.

    Chandan: Yes, I do like many other comics including disney, asterix, spiderman, ACKs.

    Indrajals are closer to heart only because we read them during our growing up years. They have been an integral part of our learning process of the world, at a time when very limited means of entertainment were available. The mystical backgrounds of Phantom and Mandrake have an everlasting impression.

    Try to show the old issues of indrajals to some 12-15 years old today. He will not show much interest. So it is more in ourselves (and our desire to re-live those sweet childhood days) than in the stories.

    This is very nice that you are drawing so much pleasure. :-)

    Comic crazy has done this wonderful header job.

  4. nice post... i also love asterix and tintins.. recently i purchsed all asterix and tintin dvds

  5. ICC: Thanks. How many asterix movies are made?