Monday, February 11, 2008

TPH #037 Bandi Jadugarni - Mandrake (Indrajal Comics #V25N04)

----------------------- [Update, 17 feb 08] CW has sent few pages of diamond digest in which this story was published. I am putting those here. In his own words, "This Indrajal version is having many panels 'edited' due to space/culture compulsions. Starting full 2 pages are almost omitted in this Indrajal version." TPH I am sending you the scans of those 2 pages and of a 'other' page which is worth interesting to read." Thanks. ----------------------- [Update, 12 feb 08] Comic Crazy has designed a wonderful header for ACK blog. It has been put on the blog, take a look at it. Thank you comic crazy for this fantastic gift. ------------------------ The young lads are performing well. The two sharmas won it for India yesterday at Melbourne. First Ishant with very impressive display of fast bowling and then Rohit Sharma with a cool head ensured that India is out of troubled water. A very attractive offer for Ishant from a female Australian cricket blogger here. But Yuvraj is proving to be a liability out there. Not even the shadow of the man he used to be few months ago. Is something distracting him from concentrating? Poor Robin Utthappa didn't get a chance to show his skills in both the previuos matches. He is a man to watch to me. Gautam Gambhir is in good nik, but I still feel there should be one more experienced man like Saurav or Dravid in case something goes wrong. Now the comic. A good story indeed. Read it yourself. Strip No.: D204 Aleena and the Smugglers (Deepwood says its D194), ran for 17 weeks from 29 Sep 1986 to 24 Jan 1987.
Download TPH #037 (32 pages, width 1024px, 8.05 MB) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- < diamond version pages sent by CW > . .

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  1. Thanks for the comic TPH. Yes impressive display by India. They are proving they can do well without the seniors. Maybe they should rest Tendulkar also once in a while. Just last season I thought Ricky ponting unlke Tendukar never had a bad patch. Wrong! He is going through one now!

  2. A exciting Mandrake-Aleena encounter, where Mandrake saves her from drug barons.
    This Indrajal version is having many panels 'edited' due to space/culture compulsions.
    Starting full 2 pages are almost omitted in this Indrajal version.TPH i am sending you the scans of those 2 pages and of a 'other' page which is worth interesting to read.If possible put those pages here along with this comic.

  3. Boy! Ishant seems to have netted a nice offer from the Aussie blogger. Wonder what he has say about this.
    Thanks for this link, TPH & of course for the comic.

  4. Hey!

    Thanks for the link. I heard a rumour that Ishant might take my mate up on the offer. Here's hoping! We don't want anymore embarrassing losses of wicket for our Ricky!

    Miss Field

  5. TPH.....great effort.I have read this one in English.
    One request,i dont like the looks of that glutton Phantom picture,pls remove it.Will u?Just a request.
    Anyway i like u commenting on cricket,i just love the game.And to think it took us 30-40 yrs to finally discover a genuine pacer in our ranks and i hope he will be termed FAST rather than the usual MEDIUM FAST.Iam bored of those words,really.
    I want to see a INTIMIDATING pacer who will rock the opponents and shatter their stumps.Tell u what,if we improve our bowling we will be a side that will be remembered for years. What say?

  6. great scan mate... the quality could not get any better :)

  7. I agree with Chandan request to remove the animated Phantom cartoon as it does not at all suits with the spirit of the blog.Any such cartoon is ok for a short while but can't be taken along permanently with the blog.
    I hope you can understand Phans feelings.

  8. Grouchy: I believe they should always play the best eleven. Age doesn't matter. The current team looks a bit inexperienced. Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Robin Utthappa, Ishant sharma, Sreesanth combined have played lesser number of matches as Tendulkar alone. In Melbourne also, it was Tendulkar who paved the way for a victory.

    CW: Are you comparing with its daily strip version? The info you have given is very interesting. Please send me the pages.

    Deb: Welcome. Ishant has a good future ahead of him where he is sure to get better and more serious offers.

    Miss Field: Welcome. Been reading some of your posts lately. Nice to read Aussie point of view on some of the issues.

    And I heard he is learning new things on how to pick Hayden early. He has been the biggest Headache for us.

    Chandan: Thanks. I had no idea to make it my permanent header. Put it just for a day or two. It's just that I have been busy and somewhat lazy. Will be removing it soon.

    We don't have a proper system to nurture a talent. Innumberable fast bowlers have come and gone in recent past. It's a batsmen's game, more so in India.

    I played as a bowling allrounder during my school days. Represented my district team as a bowler at that level. But in college realised there is no decent life for a bowler and turned a pure batsman. For four years played as opening batsman for my college.

    Ubermann: Thanks and welcome. Very happy to know that.

    CW: Right. Going to replace it. Thanks for feedback.

  9. TPH i had already mailed you those Diamond version pages.
    Its nice to know that you also have played cricket up to this level,me too have played for my university up to state university level as an all rounder.

  10. CW: I did not recieve those. Please check mail address and resend. Thanks.

    Great to know that. Last time I played a serious match was in march 1999 (on 'Holy' day), when our company team played a friendly against a sister concern. I miss playing cricket now.

  11. TPH i had sent the scans at your gmail id which i think you don't use much hence now i sent them to your traditional yahoo id.
    Fortunately i am still active in cricket and use to play for my company in tournaments on yearly basis and also every weekend locally.

  12. CW: Thanks. I got it now. Will be putting here.

    You are lucky. But at 34 it may not be very easy to play competitive cricket I assume.

  13. Yeah,the body is not as agile as it was used to be at 24 but still except cutting edge fielding my other skills such as batting and bowling are still up to that extent to keep me in the team.

  14. Thanks,TPH.
    CW,TPH....include me also.Iam a very ardent fan of cricket and just love to gossip regarding the matter.If i want i can speak volumes on the game,its become a tradition,a custom.But people shud take it lightly whenever a match is lost or won.We cant expect TEAM to win every match but then i do believe that..... give it a 100% and the results will take care of themselves.But we are a inconsistent lot.....PRINCES ONE DAY,PAUPERS THE NEXT DAY.
    Many believe win over Australia was a flook and even Jayawardene said a xtent isnt that true?
    Iam glad i have found CW,TPH really interested in the topic.And all are in(me even)the vicinity of ages 33-34.Tell u what,i never knew but by interaction came to know that.Otherwise i thought all those who post are about 42-45 just trying to spread the joy of comics to everybody.So still the name of the blogs matter much more to me than the actual names,for me they are 2 persons.Blogger is the most sweetest while the other becomes just another name......really,just thought of sharing .

  15. Hi, nice story indeed. Thanks for this.

    - Ruchi.