Friday, February 8, 2008

IOB: February 2008

[Update] A new comic is posted at the ACK blog by ICC. Please visit ACKnowledge and enjoy it. ------------------- Latest update is now ready for IOB. i) Includes all IJCs upto 31t January, 2008. ii) Mandrake strips numbers added. iii) Titles of Mandrake stories published as second story added. Suggestions and corrections are welcomed. Enjoy.
Download IOB: February 2008 (167 KB) -----------------------------------------------------
Saw this copy of 'Chandamama' at a book-stall and purchased it. Happy to see all the old features intact. Many old stories are republished with same drawing from Chitra and Shankar. Another memory chord struck.

8 comment(s):

  1. Wow! Impressive work TPH. Thanks. This takes quite a bit of effort.

  2. thanks grouchy. look out for the next issue of iob. adding more features.

  3. TPH if you are having any Chandamama then it would be a better change if you can post it.

  4. CW, I don't have old Chandamama. If you have its old issues, i would appreciate if you can post its front covers. Any other magazine/comic like 'nandan', 'parag', 'gudiya' will also do good. Front covers only. It would be a good post.

  5. thanks, one thing.. didn;t u include the comics posted by sagnik on his blog?
    otherwise in future, there will be a repeataion

  6. TPH,coming to chandamama,i think they had taken a long break in bet'n and then again they started publishing,isnt it?Why was that,any idea?
    And then the new big format came into existence.

  7. TPH unfortunately i am also not having any Chandamama,Nandan,Parag or Gudiya at the moment.Though i came across with many Chandamamas but they were relatively very new issues hence i didn't took them.

  8. ICC: Welcome. I think we can do with some mirrors ;-), as anupam used to say.

    chandan: I am not aware of all this. Chandamama is publishing in its original small size currently. Junior Chandamama is a children magazine in bigger layout.

    CW: ok.