Thursday, February 28, 2008

TPH #042 Registan Ke Garbh Main - Mandrake (Indrajal Comics #V21N06)

Discoverd this wonderful wildlife photogrphy blog by Kalyan Varma. Stunning images. Also liked this photo blog by Suneel Deepak. The man lives in Italy and writes at least four blogs, one each in hindi, english, italian and this photo blog. -------------------- This is a very special Indrajal Comics for me. This is one of those very few surviving members of my original IJC treasure. Well, there are few other but this one is extra special because I still remember the day when I purchased this copy from a nearby book shop. It is 24 years now and much has changed but that shop is still there, though now his son is the owner. I think I have a reasonably good memory when it comes to comics. There is one more comic that I remember purchasing, will be putting it here soon. A good mandrake story this. First I read it as a sunday strip in 'Hindustan'. Sunday strip 171 'El Dorado'. (Deepwoods says its Sunday #149)
Download TPH #0042 (29 pages, 1024px width, 7.53 MB)

4 comment(s):

  1. Amazing quality and selection of the photos on the blogs mentioned by you..i liked them quite a lot.
    Blogging is one of the boon of the internet,it has squeezed the world into a 14" monitor.
    I remember that 2 years from now i was quite unaware of blogging,though i used to read about it in paper/magazines but never felt its importance untill TCP discovered..never thought of that some day i would also be a part of it.
    Now coming to the comic..its again one of the Mandrake adventure where he along with Lothar bumps into some weird situation leading to discovery of some strange city.

  2. Thanks a lot, TPH. One of my favourites. I was eagerly waiting for this one.

  3. CW: I agree with your thoughts on blogging. Nice to have a sincere blogger like you with us. Your presence has been inspiraional to all of us.

    Mandrake story has the same strange people meeting on the road theme but unfolds quite well with golden city concept. It did a wiki search and found the real story behind El dorado. Nice transformation by Falk..

    Deb: It's also one of favourite. You are welcome.

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