Sunday, March 2, 2008

TPH #044 The Blood Thirsty Bandits part 1 - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #335) and IOB March 2008

A great day for Indian cricket. A magnificent match winning innings from Tendulkar and then Indian Colts winning the under 19 world cup beating South Africa U-19. This is not the first time that we have won the junior world cup. Clearly shows the availability of raw talent in the country, unfortunately we don't have a proper system to nurture it. BCCI is run by some of the worst managers, most coming from a political background. ------------------------- The latest edition of IOB is presented. Indrajal Comics posted till 29th of February, 2008 are included in this update.
Download IOB (March 2008 update) (179 KB)
Another contributed comic is here. This time it's phantom in a two part story scanned by Ajay.
Download TPH #044 (28 pages, 8.05 MB)

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  1. this comic is not of the same qaulity and standards as ur previous ones are!
    maybe u should re-edit it!

  2. frank: this one is not scanned by me and is already in compressed format. Any attempt to improve the quality may actually cause further loss. But I think the present quality is not bad at all, may be not of the highest standards as well.

  3. Yes I also think the quality is not bad. Thanks for the back to back english posts and also for the IOB. It is turning into a comprehensive dcoument.
    Great job.

  4. Grouchy: Thanks. I wanted to add one more column for republished IJCs but could not do so this time. Will try next time.

  5. @the phantom head: i thought so!

  6. Yeah,Grouchy IOB is turning out to be really a useful document as a blog author its of a great help to me to let me know the status of posted comics.
    Many thanks you to TPH for this.

  7. TPH......great post,keep it up.
    Scans are not bad at all.
    I like ur enthusiasm regarding the sport,TPH.
    The Indian sport is praiseworthy but at the same time there are plenty of things always left to be desired.
    Great effort by INDIA U-19 and the INDIAN SENIORS AS WELL.Hope the latter can sum up the proceedings tomorrow against Aussies and just double our joy.
    Come on Indians,lets pray for our TEAM's success.

  8. frank: :-)

    cw: welcome. Its's quite satisfying.

    chandan: thanks. Let's hope the best for tomorrow. Dhoni has been a revelation as captain. He has done brilliant job in team selection. Playing Praveen Kumar, robin, rohit and gambhir and keeping sehwag on bench is courageous and has produced fruitful.

    Robin Utthappa is my man for tomorrow.

  9. Regarding IOB, some Indrajals & strips have been posted in Dara's blog.

    IJC# 128, 136, 177 for example.

  10. Thanks for this. Eagerly waiting for the subsequent part(s) :-)

    - Ruchi.

  11. Deb: Thanks for the info.

    Ruchi: Welcome. Next part is coming in a few hours.

  12. thanks for the post. the quality is not bad. i wonder if you can post cover pages of the IJC issues- 4,12&20.though all the cover pages by B. GOVIND are masterpiece but i have not seen these cover pages== front &back both cover pages please.