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TPH #045 The Blood Thirsty Bandits part 2 - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #336)

------------------------- [Update, 06 March 2008] A new comic is posted at ACK blog today. Visit at once. Its worth it. ------------------------- Second part of this gripping adventure. Did some resizing to many pages which were having unusually high resolution. This brings the file size within normal limits. Also includes a short Mandrake story, The demon dancer. Enjoy.
Download TPH #045 (25 pages, 6.88 MB)

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  1. Congrats to you for a emphatic win after 23 years..indeed this was a very satisfying win in which we replied back them in their own language in every aspect.
    I particularly remember this comic due to the Mandrake story as that was the time when the pop music and disco dance just had started to grip Indian essence and i was thrilled to watch a 'villain' dancer whose outfit was a gritty sparkling one,also how Mandrake disguised to nab him was a highlight of the story.

  2. yes, that was a fantastic win. The long accepted notion of Aussie invincibility has been destroyed by India. The young brigade has done it well under Dhoni, the courageous captain. The man seems to have a golden touch.

    I wanted to dedicate one post for this, but then I saw every single person is doing the same. News Channels, Blogs, Print Media all going hysterical over this win, so disposed the idea.

    You have put the disco fever era perfectly.

  3. Yeah,same here are normally i can talk on cricket and movies endlessly but don't want to put my opinion on cricket in the current scenario where a flood of opinion is flowing of everywhere.
    This 'Demon Dancer' story fascinated me very much mostly due to the looks and attire of the dancer,later when movie 'Disco Dancer' hit the screen unconsciously in my mind the same 'villainous' image was there,which was very much fulfilled by the character of Karan Razdan in that particular movie.

  4. CONGRATS TPH,CW...everyone.
    Really,i always criticise the INDIAN team in every possible way but i didnt have lunch yesterday..rather i ate my words.
    Great effort.As for the AUSSIES who by far have looked invincible at times have finally proved there quite a few chinks in their armour which can be exploited.Indians have done just that.
    But we shud continue the good work and consider this as the stepping stone for many good things to come ahead.
    btw,TPH....great effort,great frequency.Keep it up.Its a nice post.

  5. Excellent comics.
    I'm looking for a big one where the palace-on-air is hit by lightning and the family goes through a lot of adventures in the jungle, eden, and at kelawee-beach.
    Can you post it please.


  6. A nice ending. And the demon dancer was a bonus. Thanks for posting this.

    This time Col Weeks actually saw the SC, though he didn't realize who he was. In some other story (Swamp Rats, I think) a couple of Jungle Patrolman actually see Phantom as the SC, and take a letter from him to Col Weeks, who is amazed by the fact that those two patrolman actually the saw the SC for the first time in the Patrol history. And those guys told him he was masked. So in this one, he should have been able to put two and two together :-)

    If you have the Star of East, could you post it?

    - Ruchi.

  7. Thanks, TPH. The Demon Dancer was a good one

  8. CW: Good comparison with Disco Dancer. Songs were big hits. I haven't seen the full movie though.

    Chandan: haha. Hopefully you won't have to search for those words again. The team will continue to do well. Some of our next opponents are Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Its a pity the BCCI can't find potent teams to play so that we can have some good cricket.

    Australia is on a definite decline after McGrath and Warne and now final jolt in form of Gilly bidding goodbye. I was reading an Australian newspaper report that said the winning Indian team had only one player above 30 - Sachin Tendulkar, contrary to Australia which had only 3 players under 30. An era is coming to an end. I think Michael Clark has potential to rebuild a good team but it may take time.

    Thanks and welcome.

    Mozz: My goodness. Baba Mozz is still looking for this one. This request of yours is doing rounds for at least six months, I think. I salute your fascination for some particular stories.

    The story mentioned was never published in Indrajal. I have it in Hindi only (as diamond version). Don't think it'll go well with you. But diamond version stories are unedited, that's for sure.

    Thanks and welcome.

    Ruchi: Welcome. Nice to know you like it.

    Great analysis. Yes there are few glitches. 'The swamp rats' you mentioned is a 1959 Daily strip. In 1961 daily 'Slave market of Mucar' again captain smythe describes the a masked man to col. weeks and he confirms him as their supreme commander. And this is 1978 sunday strip 'The three bandits'.

    I think Col. weeks suffered from amnesia and that could be the reason of him being replaced by Col. Worobu (he too is missing for some time now.) You may be knowing that was an abrupt replacement without citing any reason.

    Sorry about the Star of the East.

    Deb: Thanks and welcome. I am glad that you liked it.

  9. Mozz's mentioned story had very much published in Indrajal Comics as like Giant Noog or so & it's an 'unedited' 2-part story(Vol.23 No.43/44)...also,these issues having a superb Flash adventure in 'Korobu' - a planet where Jarkov's wife Matara was the Queen! :-)

  10. Anonymous: Thanks for the valuable information. But I have my doubts.

    1) The story where tree house is hit by lightning is diamond - 28. It has 29 pages.

    2) The story of Noog the giant tyrant is #S124, published in indrajal as V23N43/44 and in diamond - 33 it has 33 pages.

    So total pages in story = 62.

    Both stories are in continuation and it is possible that it's a single sunday strip.

    Now if indrajal published it entirely (in 2 parts) that too with a flash one then the total pages available must be 30 something. How is it possible to publish 62 page story in 30 pages without editing?

    I am not sure of anything. Just having some doubts.

  11. Hi,
    Firstly lemme tell one thing,,Ijc version complied S124,under same title,while in DC it's parted in #29 & #33!

    Now,I've checked my BOTH Ijc n DC versions n as I felt,few panels r indeed 'chopped' in Ijc those retained in DC but those r FEW 2ndory panels only,still Ijc version of 'DC #28/#33' Is 'ONLY 30 pages' while DCs is '62 pages'!!!

    How come???

    It's due to 2 simple reasions...

    [1]DC publshed in a 3-panel/page format(while Ijcs in 4-panel) n also page size in DC is smaller!

    [2]All knows,ToI had a VERY BAD(or UGLY) habit to RE-DRAWN(crappiest art-work!) original panels to make them in a larger size to gain MORE pages....they did in MANY P/M/F stories!!

    BUT plesantly CONTRARY fact Ijc retained MOSTLY original panels while DC did ALL those crappy enlaring those small panels in order to gain MORE pages!!! a result,such a small strip(S124) occupied 62 pages!!

    However,the page quality/inking as usual is far better in Ijc than DC! :-)

  12. Btwn,for ONE more info:
    S124 originally ran for 30 weeks i.e. it's a 30-page story of 8-panel in each pages!

    Ijc edited some panels in order to make those title header(in 2 issues) n recaptulatn box of Part-I etc....

  13. One correction:
    DC publshed in a 3-panel/page format(while Ijcs in 4-panel)

    NOT 3 or 4-panel/page BUT 3 or 4 row of panels/page!!

    corrected as it cud have created some confusion...

  14. Anonymous: I think all of your arguments are acceptable. Thanks. Its nice info.

  15. any thanks for these adventures which follow immediatly after the Phantoms wedding. The demon dancer was a story I liked and remember reading many moons ago. Many thanks.

  16. tph

    bones for late comer...)))))

    was extremely busy with work, and now, 31st march is coming up.. so all loss and profit/tax is to be done, with CAs

    anyway, this valuable anon is none other than dara, ur friend,, its good thAT ur coping with each other,,, love to see u both come together,

    nice posts, forgive me for not commenting often.. will try to..

  17. ICC: Common ICC how can you think same as me... :o)..i was also wondering the same which you put up here.
    Anyway nice to see the animosity-ice melting down.

  18. Grouchy: Welcome. The demon dancer seems quite popular among readers.

    ICC: Oh really? Are you sure? Nice to hear from you after some time.

  19. ICC, that was for information on anon.

    If you have to be so busy then why pay a CA?

  20. great gripping story mate... wunderbar :)

    thanks for sharing

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    but i would like to point out to here in good faith that you are to be blamed for it because you have made changes to leave comment box where in if one goes not have a google log in or one does not have a blog one cannot leave any comments however much one wishes to.
    i have been wanting to give comments and thank you for your efforts but have not been able to do because you have put restrictions on who can leave a comment and i am sure there are many more who would agree with me.
    so remove those restrictions and you will see the comments starting to flow.