Saturday, March 15, 2008

TPH #048 The Deadly Queen Mesala - Flash (Indrajal Comics #V25N51)

I never tried to create any quiz for this blog. This time I'm going to do that. So friends, here comes few covers of Mandrake comics from Indrajal. Almost all of these comics have already been posted on some blog or the other. All these have something strikingly common. Can you find what it is? Lets see who can find the answer first. Start turning the pages, or rather clicking the folders. Only these ten have that common feature out of all 150+ Mandrake Indrajals.
mandrake covers are taken from CW/ICC/MTM posts of covers. Most of them are Ajay's scans.
A Flash Gordon comic this time. I haven't read this myself. should be interesting. Its an Ajay Mishra scan once again.
Download TPH #048 (20 pages, 5.7 MB)

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  1. All these have something strikingly 'common'..

    Mandarke WITHOUT his hat??

    Many b it's wrong,but i cudn't find any other 'similarities'...but if it,then there r many Ijc-Covers without his hat!! :-)

  2. Thanks so much for this comic, TPH! Hmm....I really don't know the answer to this question coz I haven't read all those comics yet.... let me guess though....are they all similar because they feature a creature - magical or real?

  3. PH you have again got me wrong ! its not about the time its about not having a gamil account or not having a blog as in my case ! so how ever much i would want to leave a comment i cant coz i dont use gmail nor do i have a blog !
    why cant you keep the comments section open the way you had it hear ??????
    you had similiar function in the ACK blog !!!!!!!!! why did you chaneg it ?????????????? when it was open for every one to leave a comments, people did leave comments...
    wont it be easy just to open that feature again rather than having to open a new email account in google or having to start a blog !

  4. Thanks for this TPH!

    Dale looks awesome in this ;)


  5. TPH...great effort.Continue the good job.Thanks for the quiz too.
    But again,iam very poor at solving them but i,sorry i cant guess,i dont want to say something and be the laughing stock for the day.


  7. It seems in most of comics , animals etc of giant size only .

  8. Mandrake Trying to treat by his magic of danerous animals including Cobra

  9. I Think, A hatless mandrake fighting animals, and since cobra is inhuman, all the common things point towards one word : "Beasts"
    hope i have found the right answer!

  10. That's very surprising. Even some big names have not been able to find the correct answer. I think I have been able to create something difficult and challenging.

    Come on friends. Give it a try.

    Dara: no. missing hat is not the thing. many other mandrake indrajals show him without hat.

    Aditya: "The Criminal Team" has no creature.

    Masayo: anonymous comment feature was turned off because many abusive and vulgar comments were posted on that blog.

    And if you notice, of the 35 people who commented on the first post, as many as 28 commented using their google account.

    Now it is upto CW and ICC. If they want, can turn the feature on again.

    Col. Worobu: Thanks and welcome. Dale looks like a perfect role model for current breed of actresses.

    Chandan: Don't worry about others. No one has come with a correct answer yet. Have a go at it.

    Rakesh: Incorrect.

    Ajay: Not in most. Find the feature with is in ALL ten. No giant animal in "the criminal team".

    Sameer: hahaha. You combined both the previous answers. Headless mandrake fighting a giant. No dear. Have another look.

  11. ooops. Hatless mandrake I meant and not Headless.

  12. Now I got the answer, all comics have been not reprinted , this is correct answer from one angle . I do not know your angle of answer but this is also a valid answer.

  13. In ALL of these stories,mandrake was ASKED for help...n he entered each time in aweird adventures!!

    ONLY baffling point is,as you mentioned ONLY THESE 10, out of 176 Mandrake-ijc,having that p'cular similarity!!

    Btwn,out-of 176 Mnadraje Ijcs n in thoz 150+ of Cover-Mandrake Ijcs,ONLY ~20 Ijcs or so were RE-PRINTED!!,re-print certainly NOT a issue,as there r MANY Mnadrakes thoz never re-printed!!!


  14. @Dara : Naturally, we have to answer the posed problem. There may be so many facts , like exams we have to answer the question only , not ask ourselves various problems which have been not asked . So my answer is limited to problems only : That is why I wrote from one agnle it is correct.

  15. What TPH wrote:

    Only these ten have that common feature out of all 150+ Mandrake Indrajals.

    In above,the word:ONLY THESE TEN(10) is the MOST important point n that's why the probabability of "NON Re-Print" IS ruled out,as I said alredy,ONLY 19/176 Mandrake-Ijcs were re-printed!!

    Btwn Ajay,in exam ONLY answring the Questions IS NOT SUFFICIENT enough.....Answer Questions 'CORRECTLY' is the Most Important condition...!!!....but you r right somehow as everybody shud try for once at lst! ;-

    Anyway,this quiz is really tricky n we've wait for the final answer!! :-)

  16. Ajay: Dara is absolutely correct here. As I have mentioned in the post itself, that common feature is found only in these 10 and obviously these are not the only ones never republished.

    Dara: As you said,"mandrake was ASKED for help...n he entered each time in a weird adventure", I am sure there are other mandrake indrajals where such situation arises. So this cannot be the answer.


  18. I thought the question is simple enough to be answered without any hint. You'll also agree after knowing the answer. But since no one has come up with correct answer till now, I am giving a hint.

    "The answer can be found within the post itself. It is not required to open the comics pages to find the answer."

    Now this should be a child's play.

    I'll give the answer around 9 PM tonight if no one come up with answer till then.

  19. it's really tough...

    A last try....

    The similarity: Mandrake WITHOUT his original costume?? :-?



    Yes, Mandrake is not wearing his characteristic blue-black-red magician dress on covers of all of these ten indrajals. I haven't seen the cover of IJC #163 "The Falls Will", but on all other covers he is in his formal dress.

  21. TPH This option i have tried quite earlier but sorry to say its not correct,please check the cover of the The Grip Of Treachery,Vol.27.No.4,where Mandrake is also not in his traditional costume,here he wears a jacket/coat which is of open neck and also the red robe is missing too,not like the his traditional close necked costume along with red robe.

  22. oops.. CW is correct. There is one more mandrake ijc which does not show him in his formal dress. i missed this one.

    how come i missed this? actually i was looking at thumbnail views of mandrake covers to decide on which covers he is in usual dress and in small thumbnail view of this (V27N04) he looked like wearing it as colour he wears in this one is quite similar to his dress. that caused this one to be left.

    So, the honour should be divided equally between the two, Dara and CW.

  23. #TPH:
    I had noticed that Grip of trechary(Vol.27 No.4) this evening(when went through my Mandrake-Ijc-COVERS folder) where it's clear Mnadrake doesn't wear his uniform!

    BUT,STILL THE NUMBER OF 'SUCH' IS TEN!! WHY??....'cos in your given 10 covers,if one have a closer look,in the 'HangMan's knot'(#338) Mandrake indeed wears his traditional blue-red costume in under-water!!

    So,as a result,ONLY in 10 Indrajals mandrake was without his costume! :-)

  24. Btwn,It IS really a interesting find...:D
    Initially I thought a 'hatless' option,but it's indeed 'whole contumeless'!

  25. TPH i think due to the ambiguity and incomplete selection of the cover scans this very quiz should be nullified as many other will feel like they have been robbed with opportunity to answer because of the reason mentioned above.

  26. Dara: I think on the "The Hangman's Knot" cover Mandrake is not wearing his dress as red robe is completely missing. without that we cannot treat his dress to be complete. The buttons are shown opened which makes his dress any informal one.

    Also in the entire story he is shown wearing some informal dress, so it is easy to put this dress in non-magicians category. Don't you agree?

    CW: I don't think anyone else looked at this angle except you.

    You are the only one who considered this option and dismissed for a very valid reason. You shouldn't be hesitant to recieve the honour. Specially when you are sharing the podium with our Mandrake Expert.

  27. Mandrake is not wearing his dress as red robe is completely missing

    Arre,RED ROBE hai,look clearly,the cover-art is hezy,but still look @the upper-part...u will see that famous RED ROBE is flying proudly(may b under water-pressure!!)...and abt inside story,there r many Ijc-covers where P/M/F's costume didn't matched wid the story ! ;-