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TPH #050 Shikhar Gatha (Diamond Phantom - 6) and its English Indrajal Comics Version IJC #V25N01 and #V25N02 Journey to the Emrald Island.

This is the 50th comic post on this blog. Using this opportunity I am to unfold my story. So here it comes. It all began on a sunny afternoon of september, 1967 when indrajal comics fans across the country saw a glimpse of a mountain peak which looked like a human skull. That was me in my earliest appearance. The shape was different but name still the same, 'Phantom Head'. A group of bank robbers using me as a memory mark for hiding their loot. (IJC #049, Sep 1967)
After four years, I made another appearance, this time in more human like form. People were amazed to see the similarity between me and the ghost who walks. (IJC #143, 1971)
More and more people discovered me in almost the same fashion and returned to their homeland only to tell some strange stories, which generally nobody believed. (IJC #244, 1975)
Untill then I had become one of the prominent figure in the mystical world of Phantom and his native country. Many stories started like this...(IJC #313, 1978) When our beloved ghost finally decided to marry lady diana, I had the priviledge to host the wedding party. Oh what a day that was. Madam Lily were so amazed to see me. hahahaha. (IJC #317, 1979)
A visibly ecstatic Phantom told me the good news of continuation of phantom tradition, the 22nd phantom was conceived. Such a great news. I kept singing (would be dancing as well if possible) all day and night. (IJC #359, 1980) But soon I also witnessed some horrific time Diana had to experience while waiting for his love. That was really scary for her and me too. Thankfully everything went fine as Phantom reached there just in time. A lovely good bye from lady Diana made me fresh as ever. (IJC #360, 1980)
The outsiders kept coming in hope to get some or the other item from Phantom's treasure. Many came and were aptly dispatched bare handed with a vow, not to return back to this country again. hohohohohoho. (IJC #V20N13, 1983)
A very familiar scene, the family going for some picnic etc. Everytime somebody queried about the origin of Phantom Head (that's me), the same answer was heard, "Nature's miracle". I was also almost convinced of this. (IJC #V20N24, 1983) But one day two men namely Lee Falk and Sy Barry came with a very surprising tale about my actual origin. At first I couldn't believe them as the story was quite unbelievable and completely different from what I have been told millions of times. After so many years of my existence how could I be able to accept such a weird thing as this one. But then, since Baba Mozz was telling the story, I had to believe it. Today I am going to present it to you. Read it and then decide is it really believable?
Download TPH #050 (68 Pages, 900px wide, 16.5 MB) And here is the English Indrajal version of this story in two parts. Scans are by Mr Ajay Mishra.
Download Part 1 Download Part 2
(note: the indrajal version covers three sunday strips #S125, #S126 and #S127 while diamond version has only first two, so indrajal has edited but longer story and diamond has short but more complete story)

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  1. Awesome, TPH! Congratulations on reaching your 50th blog entry....the entry was amazingly refreshing, almost as if TPH wrote it..ha ha ;)

    Thank you so much for posting the english versions as well.... Here's to many many more posts in the future!

  2. Dear TPH!
    My heartiest Congratulations for your milestone post! A wonderful research work.

  3. Dear Grouchy,

    Great post and great effort. Congrats on your 50th post. Please do reomve the lousy comment from bikram from this and the previous post. Its bad enough new people start commenting when comics stop coming. I dont see why we should tolerate bad language from them.

  4. I agree with Grouchy.... people shouldn't post such nasty remarks...what is the use of such nasty remarks? Does the great Bikram think ACK's will magically start appearing thanks to one nasty vicious comment?

  5. Congrats, TPH! Wow. You've researched the TPH story & narrated it in the 1st person. Nice touch. Keep it up!

  6. I cant belive I wrote "Dear Grouchy"! So stupid and embarassing. As I began to write one of my cousin wanted to know what Grouchy meant. So by mistake I wrote my own name instead of TPH. Sorry TPH. Great post + Pictures.

  7. TPH, congrats for the 50th post & twice for... u know it , man!

  8. Congratulations! I hope you mark the 500th also in a similarly carefully researched post.

    Thanks for the wonderful comic also.

    - Ruchi.

  9. tph

    sorry again for late reply .........

    congrats for not only 50th post but for all 50 posts... and i wish u will make 100 and more very soon..

    keep it up buddy..... )))

    and great comics for this ocassion

  10. Congrats. And thank you for the well researched and informative post, presented superbly.

  11. TPH a belated congrats on completing 50 have lot more to come,please keep it up.

  12. Congrats for reaching #50...keep going! :)

    A very nice tale og Phantom Head(and I loved that Junakar-7th Phantom tale n the expalnation of PH...though it's NOT the original idea of Falk!)...

    Btwn,I always loved those tales where Phantom family went for picnic in 'Eden' & everything associated wid this amazing island! :-)

  13. Excellent article!
    I hope to publish more Diamond Phantom stories!

  14. Hello TPH,
    Long time gap!
    Once you said having d DC Mandrake #18,19,29 containing D211 where Cobra was revealed...can you scan n post it here?? :-)

  15. Hello TPH,
    Long time gap!
    Once you said having d DC Mandrake #18,19,20 containing D211 where Cobra was revealed...can you scan n post it here?? :-)

  16. Hello TPH

    so long.... pls post more.. by the way do you have Kimberley Diamonds of Phantom comics...

    Love to see new posts....

    tk care

  17. Iam sorry but I guess I missed out the happenings big time.So a big sorry to all u guys.
    TPH…..50th post,well…… Congrats…. Sorry for the late exchanges of wishes for ur 50th post.Keep it up.
    When will u strike a century?Wish u all the best in advance.

  18. where are you??
    Make a come-back! :)

  19. First of all congrats for your 50th post.

    Sorry I did not reply on time.
    It was really awsome story and good speed by which you have reached 50th post.

    Well done keep it up.

    It was a nice birthday gift for me.

  20. Dear TPH,

    Wasnt able to visit for a long time. Congrats on the 50th post. Where are you?

  21. Hi..

    Everything alright with you?
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  22. ....So after d ACK site,do you've abandoned this blog as well????


  23. hi ! TPH are we not going to get any more ACK'S :( plz upload some ACK'S too.

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  25. So TPH, where have you been? We are missing you here!

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  27. Hello TPH.
    The link for part one is broken. Sorry for the trouble.
    Part 2 is OK. it would be good if we could read part one too.
    Sorry for my poor english.

    Thank you

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