Sunday, August 3, 2008

Contemplating a blog revival

It's been a long time since I published my last post, 23rd March to be precise. No, I am not on any voyage, especially to any far off destination like Munich or Amsterdam (been to capital for a couple of days only). Not burdened by any super heavy-weight work load bending my back like a spring and not returning from any long needed and awaited holiday from home town. Do not have any slightest of idea of changing the job either. Then why this long gap? Well, whatever be the reason it seems to be over now. The inactivity period is bidding goodbye and I am feeling some freshness in ideas that are circling in and around my head. Am seriously thinking over starting it once again. Much has been published on blogs from Indrajals but still a lot from the later era (1980 to 1990) remains to be posted. One can say that most of the Phantom and Mandrake published during this period were republications of older works only but that doesn't make them unworthy of posting at all. Largely because of improvements incorporated in printing technology made these republished works a lot more slick and gay in appearance, (stories were undoubtedly great, we all know) and there is a relatively younger generation which came in contact with Indrajal Magic only during this period and hence they continue to search this era for their most cherished memory as far as comics are concerned. But the real beauty/importance of these issues lies in the fact that they are an integral part of the Golden Indrajal Journey, the last phase of this saga which started in 1964 and for 26 years continued to entertain millions of indians through its lively pages. Some new ideas are also approachig and I am giving them some serious weightage. Let's see how soon and at what pace I can start it. Much remains to be said. Will make another post soon. The image used in this post is scanned by CW on my special request. Thanks go to him.

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  1. Welcome back home TPH. You are true, "Once a blogger, always a blogger." I appreciated your decision to come back. Missed your posts very much.

  2. Thanks... after a long long time.... seems to me like ages....

    nice revival...


  3. Welcome back, TCP! This is excellent news! Really missed you, friend.

  4. Nice to see you back! Yes,those '80s Indrajals are 30-40% P/M were repeated of earlier issues,BUT page/inking quality were better & ALSO like me,many were introduced wid IJC in those time and always have a 'special' feelings for those! :-)
    That's why,instead of crazy for collecting old issues like blow #200,Indrajals of 1987-1990 era holds A SOFT CORNER for me,,,as they simply bring back to those periods when I was JUST introduced wid whole Comic-domain!!!

    Please do post something,comic or wahtever & keep updating! :-)


  5. Welcome Back to the arena."Once a blogger,always a blogger"
    I missed your posts and thoughtful comments,nice to see you back in action again.

  6. back huh????
    so did u also tell ur wife at 2.00 am like us (tcp and me)? what was her reaction? :-

  7. Welcome back mate. As I've said earlier on, we all go thru and downs are way of life. We r not spring chicken anymore. Speaking 4meself, am getting closer to 50's and its difficult to keep all yr interests going. (Wish i could wake up at 2.00 AM just like TCP and IJC and tell my wife, I wanna do it- and am sure she'll think I need a bed side urine bottle).
    Talking about the era of IJCs, i definately belong to 60s and 70's. After that I went to Med school to become a doctor and may be due to lack of time started losing interest and also some how cd not digest the new IJC themes, new heroes and all. I was used to the earstwhile IJC cover logos such as a wide eyed ecstatic looking kid holding his face and then the smaller lamp like Alladdin's emitting a spiral waft of smoke. Not to mention the cost at 60 paise and then a mere Rupee which was easilly affordable in those days.
    Those were the days guys. No doubt u r the 80's and 90s generation and those re-hashed and re-prints of that era probably will not generate the same excitement for me. Must say though any PMF (Phanom/Mandrake/Flash in that order), old or re-prints appearing on any blogs still give me butterflies in my stomach.
    So keep'em coming...

    Ravindra Gokhale.
    Merseyside, UK

  8. nice to see u once again .... as usual i was regular visitor of this blog for your absence ...

    anyways its nice to see u again and thanks for the book ....

  9. Ravi, as you said 'lack of time' in your study life,SAME happened wid me(& guess many of us too!)! eing a crazy Comic-freak(i.e. ALL Kind of stuffs incld. Indrajals)I gradually loosing interest In Comics frm my 9th/10th standard,in 1997/98 or so.It's NOT that I'd stopped completely,rather I use 2 read a gud numbers of IJC frm our Library or buying some NEW Tin tin,but that's all!
    Later in 2004 ,when I felt bit monotony in my higher studies,tried to get few Ijcs here n there for relaxation & after completing my Master Degree,I decide 2 collect seriously!!That was end of 2005 and since then again I become an avid fan & collector! :-))

    some how cd not digest the new IJC themes, new heroes and all
    NOT ME either,even though they all introduced b4 I'd started!!
    ONLY 2 Indian intros(Bahadur/Dara) and foreigns like Rip/Lefty did some impact!BUT,ALL OF THEM r seems nothing when we "compare" 'em wid Phantom/Mandrake/Flash!!!

  10. Welcome back!

    - Ruchi.

  11. Did we run into each other when TCP was active? dunno but welcome back. There is usually no logic behind suddenly stopping, and comic blogging is hard work.

    Wish you all the patience, luck and some!