Saturday, August 23, 2008

TPH #051 Jungle Ka Ojha - Phantom (Indrajal Comics V25N52)

A lot many unanswerd comments to begin with. Friends, I am sorry for not being formal enough. But that's excusable, I hope. Many of you have extended your support towards the revival of this blog and welcomed me in kind words. I sincerely thank them all, Saif, Deb, Sir, Ruchi and Aditya.Thank you buddies. Thanks are also due towards my fellow comic bloggers TCP, Prabhat, CW, ICC, Sagnik who are doing wonderfully well. Some special thanks are due for Dr. Ravi Gokhle from England for his long and nostalgic comment. As usual his love for the indrajals is admirable and I appreciate his gentle but solid way of putting his own thoughts and ideas. Thank you Dr. Saheb.

Meanwhile, TCP commented for the first time here. That's a very happy and encouraging moment. I discovered the comics blogs only in August, 2007, at a time when TCP had stopped postings. For nearly a month I visited daily only to be welcomed by the "Phantom's noble lineage". Never really got an opportunity to leave any comment there. Will open my account there and hopefully continue.

Chandu has asked a very relevent question, but I leave it to his imagination only. The only thing I wan't to say here now is that I am sorry for not sending you the comic I promised uptill now. Will definitely be mailing it on Monday. No one can compete me when it comes to laziness.

All credits to Prabhat for maintaining the ACK blog so well and keeping it alive. I am inclined to post a few ACKs there as well in near future.

Now some announcement. I have started a new comic blog, namely "indrajal comics ka svapnlok",

"इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स का स्वप्नलोक"

As the name suggests, its a hindi blog dedicated to Indrajal Comics only. Infact it is the first hindi comic blog to hit the screens. You are all invited to visit it.

I didn't want to post comics at that blog and just wanted to keep it for information and discussion only, but requests have poured in and I was forced to post the present comic at that blog also. The download link has been provided there.

Another first for me personally, clickable thumbnails of the imgaes are provided here for the first time.

An indrajal comiics from the later part of its long journey, from 1988. A very short (only 10 pages) and simple story, seems like a filler only but as usual the Sy Barry artwork is pretty impressive.


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  1. ooooo... got exception while posting the comment... hope it works this time..

    tanking you again TPH.. great work

  2. Welcome back TPH.You started a alternative Hindi Indrajal blog from August 11 and didn't informed about it till now.!!
    Anyway nice to see atlast a Hindi Indrajal blog dedicated to discussions/forums..
    Hope you will continue with it long.

  3. Welcome back TPH and for posting comic. I have also seen your Hindi blog and its great.Its difficult to maintain 2 blogs and require great efforts.Keep on good work and remember there are great number of people who are thankful to you for your work but do not post comments. Thanks a lot.

  4. Its nice 2have you back TPH. We missed you and thanks for your kind words.
    Liked your way of putting 'Vetal Shikhar Prastuti'.

  5. Thanks for this one and advance thanks for all that is to be posted yet....

    hope this will continue forever and ever...

    i just love those comics.... take care..


  6. Thnks TPH...

    You have done for wht I was see ur comeback in full bloom..

    Keep it Up