Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TPH #033 Sikandar Mahan Ka Pyala, part-1 (Diamond Phantom-30)

Update: Covers of Indrajal version have been provided by ICC and CW. ICC: English cover, CW: Hindi cover Thanks to both of them. ---------------------------------------- This is again a long story spread over 62 pages, not easy to scan and photoshop at a single go. So I have divided it in two parts. This is the first part. Second is coming very shortly. Original Strip: Sunday #122 Alexander's Diamond Cup (26 Aug 1984 to 17 Feb 1985). Indrajal Appearance: V23N17~18 The Third Phantom's Bride (Apr-May 1986)
Download TPH #033 (8.09 MB)

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful comic.. This one is among my most favourite comics.. Great job!

    Waiting eagerly for the part 2..


  2. thanks again ...

    waiting for ACKs too ....

  3. Hey, I just downloaded the IOB list you have - WOW! That is some research! Very impressive! That is such a useful list to have! Amazing job! How long did it take you to do so? :)

  4. Great comic. Thanks.

    Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    - Ruchi.

  5. thanks for the comics.. waiting for the next part..
    sorry again for the late comments, been extremely busy, cudnt reply at my blog also

  6. Dr. Luaga: Thanks a lot. You are most welcome. This is indeed a nice tale revealing the indian connection in phantom dynasty. Second part is out now. Enjoy once again.

    Dholey: Welcome. As you now probably know, ACKs are coming on a separate blog in two days.

    Aditya: Welcome. I first prepared it some two months ago. This is the third update. Phantom strip numbers were added to the list in second version. Yes it took a great deal of effort first time but now updating is not very difficult, it hardly takes 20-30 minutes. Nice to know that you found it useful.

    Ruchi: Thanks and welcome. Your in-depth analysis and informative comments are a pleasure to read every time.

    ICC: Yes I can understand that. I myself is not very regular in replying for some time. Thanks a lot for all your efforts.