Friday, January 11, 2008

TPH #027 Pret Ki Maya (part 1) - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #V20N42)

A real old classic. Nice tale about phantom's ring getting lost and passing through various hands. Each temporary owner utilising its power in own way. Some getting rewarded and some... First Published as strip: #S028 The Phantom's Ring 29 Oct 1950 to 10 Jun 1951 (33 weeks). First IJC publication: IJC #010 The Phantom's Ring (1965) [cover included is taken from ICC's post of covers. Possibly scanned by Ajay. Thanks to both.] The earlier IJC print was having 16 pages only. So they omitted a major portion of the story (about 60% was truncated). So enjoy this gripping tale in its full now.
. Download TPH#027

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  1. thanks for the scans,,, i think, original IJ10 was edited a lot to fit into that 16 page format..
    anway keep it up,,,


    this is regarding ur comment at icc....

    i have still to collect @200 indrajals to complete my list, and there are many more things such as diamond publicati0ons..
    so if u have any diamond spares .. exchange with me,, i will give u indrajals ;-

  2. if you have its english versions, pl scan & post. earlier story # 10 almost started where first part was finishing .


  3. thanks again ......
    u asked for keep coming ...

    well i am the most regular visitor of this blog (some times i feel i am more regular than you lol coz' i visit more than thrice every day ..... lol )

    thanks for many things ........

  4. This one is very nice classic story clearly depicting the magic of Falk's pen.
    This is also not free from editing and a full page was omitted in Indrajal version,although that last page consists of Phantom giving a fast recap of the incidents happened to Gurran but the last panel is worth mentioning where Gurran enquires Phantom whether the ring really consists of great powers and Phantom humbly replies back that its just a ring whose power lies only in peoples mind.

  5. ICC: You are right. What Diamond numbers you need?

    Ajay: Sadly I don't have its english version. ICC and CW must be having it.

    Dholey: Your are most welcome.

    CW: Yes, they even edited few panels in this later version. An example is the scene (in the earlier) in which mary kisses the prince rudolph on his cheek and run away shyly. They omitted this beautiful sequence for no reason. I also liked the expression of the rudolph's driver in this picture.

  6. great post to complement the treasure @ the skull cave. Sometime back we were all talking about repeats. I guess there may be some chages like the ones mentioned by you. So a complete list of Ijc posted could include this information also. You said you were preparing one. Now that would be good to see.

  7. TPH....great effort.
    YOur frequency is really commendable.Keep it up.
    Its a nice touching story which speaks of a true heart yearning for love which eventually succeeds
    in nestling it in its arms.

  8. Grouchy: I am going to start working on republications and other info which can be accomodated. Yours is a very good suggestion. Will try.

    Chandan: Thanks. This is an interesting story with fairy tale ending. meanwhile, why do you require this false identity? Chandan is a beautiful name. Bahadur sounds more like a watchman. (if any real bahadur reading this, please don't take any offence)