Tuesday, January 8, 2008

TPH #026 Aksaru Dweep Par Durghatna -Vikram (Sun Comics V01N11)

This is another Indian character from an old comic publication. I recently found this comic while looking for IJCs on an old book shop. Though I had never heard of this comic before, but the names of the creators grabbed my attention. The writer is Jagjit Uppal (Bahadur fame) and drawing artist is Pradeep Saathe (Dara fame). This is a 1983 publication. There is another story of Inspector Garud inside this comic. This is a character I used to read as strip in "Saptahik Hindustan" years ago, I have faint memories of that. Initially it was called Inspector Eagle, later they changed the name. First time I am reading in comic book version. The stories are fairly ok. Artwork is very nice for an indian comic especially of the first story.

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  1. Pradeep Sathe is a artist whose artwork is very neatly drawn.His artwork adds to the value of the comic for the reason same the present comic looks nice.
    A welcome change from traditional IJC posting.Hoping for many more interesting posts to come on.

  2. I have not heard about this charecter before. Yes the artwork is quite good. Nice post!

  3. CW and Groucy: Yes. I think he (Mr Sathe) was also engaged in some ACKs drawings, most probably in Mahabharata which was earlier published in 60 volumes in ACKs and later in thick sized deluxe edition.

    But having Jagjit Uppal as writer was more inviting as he has not worked much outside Bahadur. I was wondering for a long time whether he created/carried any more character and here I found the answer. Normally comic creators have more characters to credited their name, e.g. Pran (diamond comics).

    Thanks for favourable response.

  4. TPH I don,t remember whether Sathe was involved with ACKs also.Though he was a regular artist for Tinkle,another IBH product.
    According to my knowledge he started his career with Manoj Chitra Kathas.Mahabharata series of ACK was totally illustrated by another artist Dilip Kadam,who was quite average in quality and in my view ACK did not chose right artist for this epic as far better talented and popular artists such as Ram Waeerkar,Pratap Mullick certainly would have been a better choice.

  5. Hello TPH, this is indeed a great story. Both Uppal & Sathe created this strip for a monthly crime magazine SATYAKATHA long ago. In fact these strips which were used to be in B&W, were my first comics..those days, some 23 years ago, my uncle used to buy satyakatha and i used 2 wait fr these strips!Yeah, Garud & Balbeer were regular in Saptahik Hindustan..
    Hope to get similar more from you people!! :)

  6. thanks for a nice book..... i enjoyed reading it .... the artwork was really good and the story too was very good .....

  7. CW: Your knowledge about ACKs no doubt is supreme. Thanks for the info. Ram Waeerkar was a great artist no doubt but most of his work is on cartoon characters, I mean people with disproportionate features, more like Asterix of Uderzo. He was drawing Panchatantra and Hitopadesh I think and also in Tinkle. Souren Roy is another artist associated with ACKs.

    Sushant: Thanks. Nice to see the story makin you remember some good ol'days. I remember looking at Satyakathas at book stalls in special section for crime magazines but do not remember if they carried comic strips also. Never read.

    Inspector Eagle and Balbeer Sharma were very good. Those were really early comics in my life and I kept cuttings of those strips. I remember the inspector calling him 'Beerbal' everytime and he correcting. When they changed the name to Garud from Eagle, I was slightly disappointed as the old name was firmly established in my mind and sounded more heroic. Oh! nice days.


    dholey: Thanks for the feedback and it is very nice to know that you enjoyed it. Keep coming.

  8. About Satyakatha i also remember a 4 page comic strip in it of Inspector Azaad.I also use to read Satyakatha for only those 4 pages.
    TPH Ram Waeerkar did possessed a exceptional talent of modulating his art work according to the demand of the story.He successfully and popularly has drawn up many history based comics such as Chandragupta Maurya,Chankaya,Dhruva etc also.
    Though ACKs deployed a pool of illustrators such as Madhu Powle,
    G.R.Naik,C.M.Vitankar etc..etc..but Ram Waeerkar,Pratap Mullick and Dilip Kadam were certainly better of them all.

  9. i think the link doesn't seem to be working..can you upload the comic again pls....its good to see pradeep sathe's work outside ACK and tinkle ..keep posting more of these if u have....englishtitles would be nicer ;D

  10. Ranjit: I think mediafire is having some problem today. They should rectify it soon.

  11. wow this is incredible. i have been looking for vikram and garud in particular for ages. this is just fantastic. i think its HIGH TIME we started posting comics of indian characters like vikram garud, dog detective ranja and the like.


  12. iske bare mein na kabhi suna na kabhi dekha .........thanx for this rare comics .......what is the name of the uploader

  13. thanx a lot to priginal uploader

  14. I happen to owe this very issue! Almost same story as yours - never heard of it before - picked up from a old newspaper vendor.

    Thanks for pointing out that the drawing artist is Pradeep Saathe of Dara fame - the drawing style WAS familiar. :)

    Inspector Garud, believe it or not continues to be syndicated. I have seen daily strips of his in a Kannada paper.

  15. @KK: A number of indian comics publishers were out there in the market during 80s. The comic culture was blooming in those days with many nice stories and illustrations being produced by good writers and fine artists.

    Inspector Garud is still in circulation? I didn't know that. Those were my very early readings and I liked the character.

    Thanks and welcome at this blog.

  16. I should admit, that I still go ga-ga over the talents which artists like Sathe and Waeerkar, possessed during that era. Look at the clean drawing style, and still they were far better than any contemporary art we could see at the moment.

    Wish Satheji would bring back some of these stories, in a graphic novel format, to go along with the tide now. Me and my wishes, I guess I will forever live as a Comics fanboy :)