Friday, January 18, 2008

TPH #031 Ashtank Ki Teesari Bhuja - Mandrake (Indrajal Comics #V24N42)

Another gripping story of "8". I scanned this one in a higher resolution of 1024 px width, so that this superb story could be enjoyed to the fullest. File size is slightly incresed due to this but I think it is still well under acceptable limit. This story was previously published in Indrajal Comics as #195 Messangers of Death (1973). The cover of old version is from CWs post of front covers. Hindi title is my work.
. Download TPH #031 (8.42 MB)

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  1. Thanks for the comic. Great frequency! Havent read this before. So will go over it slowly.

  2. Thanks a lot for the comic..

    Waiting eagerly for the phantom 30 comic ('coming up'). It seems to be a reprint of "Third Phantom's Bride" - one of my favourite comics. I have been waiting for this comic since long Thanks. :)

  3. TPH your right column featuring coming up etc. seems to be loading n the middle of the page. Is it my browser or your blog layout?

  4. A very gripping tale in the "8" sequel.It consists all the interesting ingredients of a Mandrake versus "8" adventure..the attack of 8s executive..failure of it...spy of "8" which reports the job status..finding of "8s" third arm to destroy it but unable to locate the chief.
    Now considering the story of Diamond Digest-30 it was published under Indrajal Banner as "The Third Phantom's Bride" Vol.23.No.17-18.
    Story,screenplay,dialogue and art work all are just superb to make the comic a milestone.
    You will find Phantom traveling to India in this adventure though in Indrajal version the place is termed as "Jinia" rather than India which is mentioned in the English Diamond Digest version only.
    I wonder why Indrajal made this alteration!!!

  5. Nice comic. Thanks.

    For a change the executives of one arm of 8 are actually captured. Usually, everything/everyone is destroyed, and nobody gets in the hand of police/Mandrake. Must be the sign of 8 weakening :-)

    - Ruchi.

  6. tph

    wow, u have increased ur frequency,, 5 comics in 8 days,,, kaun se chakki ka ata khate ho?,,

    keep it up, dear

    btw, r u from indore, if yes, then send me some "rabdi"..

  7. great frequency,dear TPH....i like the comics and also thanks for COMING UP NEXT column,your blog looks incomplete without it.
    You are goinng,going,going and gone FOR A MAXIMUM.....great effort.
    Now all INDIANS and supporters,please pray for tomorrow's match(4th day at WACA,Australia),pray that INDIA wins it in style.
    It will be a great occasion,as you all know WACA boasts of the fastest pitch in the world and to beat Australia in Australia at that venue requires great guts,heart and real dogged effort.
    So lets hope for the best tomorrow...


  8. Grouchy: Welcome. Thanks. Sorry. I have tested this template on firefox, internet explorer and opera without any problem although each of these shows slight variation in display. But no such problem as you are facing. Please check at your end.

    dr luaga: your guess is correct as cw has also confirmed. This is a real exciting story made doubly special due to INDIA connection. coming soon.

    CW: as always your analysis is very interesting and informative. thanks. indrajal generally avoided any contentious matter as a policy. on few occasions they even went overboard and did something which now we see as funny and annoying.

    Ruchi: Thanks. There are few more "8" stories yet to appear on blogs. One also has clay camel being used by "8". Interesting. Will be putting it soon.

    icc: It's 20-20 era now. I think people want to see batting Gilchrist-Dhoni style rather than Geoffery Boycott. You are also playing like this only, except for occasional drinks breaks.

    If you are fond of good and tasty food, then Indore has much more to offer.

    chandan: Thanks for commenting after some time. I was feeling terribly insecure of late. ;-) "Coming Up" is again here as you demanded. Well, your prayer have been fruitful as we have won the 3rd test.

  9. "Thanks for commenting after some time. I was feeling terribly insecure of late"
    You dont have to,TPH.....dont give too much importance to anyone.
    Iam a simple person,the only thing i have with me is sincerity/honesty (at85%)...i cant be that(100%) honest,if people start asking me what am i thinking right now and if its something iam not able to answer,i wont..but definitely i never try to come in the way of others,if i do that might be because for something better.
    So pls ...ICC has already lifted me to heavens,trust me iam an ordinary viewer,a middle class person,earning average and nothing more than a few comments to offer,that too maybe because i want you to post some of my own requests,who knows ?
    But take a look there are many admirers,genuine who i guess will stay till the last with u people.
    And lastly its you who are responsible for whatever u do...your effort speaks for you,you dont have to depend on Chandan or any other people for your wonderful blog.
    Continue the good work.

  10. Chadan: Oh dear, you got it wrong. The feeling of insecurity is not for the lack of comments but because of absense of bahadur. ;-) I don't care for comments anymore. Even if there is not a single comment, I'll continue till I am drawing pleasure in the job myself.

    But you have certainly earned a special place in the whole community, as is evident from the wishes you received from all corners. Thanks for being with us.