Thursday, January 17, 2008

TPH #030 Chudail Ka Chakkar - Mandrake (Indrajal Comics #V20N44 )

Interesting mandrake story from indrajal comics. Marriage proposal for mandrake from a 'witch' but turned down as you would expect in favour of miss universe. Lothar has nothing much to do here except being a witness. Cover courtesy ICC post of covers (11 July, 2007). I removed the english title and put the hindi one.
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  1. Me first here....

    The link is missing.....

  2. thanks for posting, yet to download..

    one small rectification, if u are talking about icc covers, then this image has been scanned by myself

  3. atma: yes you are. sorry about the link. provided now.

    icc: thanks. post has been corrected.

  4. This is one another adventure which took place during one of Mandrake's trip.
    This shows that Falk either was a very mobile person or a avid reader of customs and geography of the areas.

  5. Thanks for the comic TPH
    I was just going to write what CW had commented above. If I am not wrong this Mandrake adventure had a lot of stories happenning one after the other. He goes to colleg of Magic meets some little people (?) meets a princess and so on.
    Can someone please post the entire daily/sunday strip? It would be good to read the story as a whole.

  6. Very cute looking chudail, in this one :-) I wonder why all the chics fell for Mandrake, no one even looks at Lothar. Or is it racial discrimination?

    Thanks for this very entertaining comic.

    - Ruchi.

  7. CW: A good author must be a good reader first. You correctly pointed out. Falk must be a good traveler himself.

    Grouchy: Yes. There is a series of adventures mandrake and lothar had to go through during trips. But I don't recall them right now. Actually there is not a single authentic source to confirm as deepwoods and xanadu differ on many points.

    Ruchi: Does it mean girls prefer brain over muscle? You are most welcome.