Sunday, January 13, 2008

TPH #028 Pret Ki Maya (part 2) - Phantom (Indrajal Comics #V20N43)

Its just turning out to be the same what I was speculating. Bhajji did say what we were joking about. If he admits this before the newzealand judge, then probably racial abuse charges would be withdrawn but a new controversy will be raised by Australian and British media and also some sections of indian press. But what did Symonds say to provoke him, not much talking about that. It is obvious that no batsman take initiative to start a verbal episode with a fielder, rather it is fielder's job to try and disturb the batsman's concentration.
Second part of the story. The ring finds its way to a small time kind hearted sweet natured maid and provides her an opportunity to find her prince charming. Wow. Fairy tale stuff. Its the simplicity of the stories that makes Falk an outstanding writer. They go down quite easy for all. This part also contains a Flash Gordon story.
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  1. thanks for the 2nd part,,, i have both english copies..yet to scan... if u mail me ur diamond nos,...

  2. Thanks for the 2nd part. If I am not wrong someone has posted this story (the original IJC not the repeat) in english somewhere in the blogs. Am I correct? I dont TPH's list at hand to check.

  3. I just realised that the story is familiar because I have its hard copy! Sorry I think it was not posetd on the blogs.

  4. sunday surprise,hey?
    good one..,well what's in a name?
    Bahadur,i like bec.iam brave enough to bear taunts and legpulling by u and icc...
    Thanks for compliments,TPH...
    YOU ARE INDEED going a long way,you remind me of ICC coming back and firing on all cylinders thereafter.
    Now,Sameer.....his is also a very interesting blog.
    TCP must be a real MAN to have created so many MEN with CW succeeding him and then ICC,MTM,ANUPAM,DARA,TPH and now SCT(SAMEER'S BLOG)
    Each one has tried his level best to satisfy all us viewers,great effort,,,its not the story but the efforts also which make me feel for all of you.
    HATS OFF......


  5. ICC: I'll be mailing you tomorrow.

    Grouchy: Original version of this story is posted by sameer recently. I decided to post this one because (i) that was ijc #010 and this is ijc #v20n42~43, so different and more importantly detailed version. (ii) that was in english and I posted in hindi. (iii) I already had scanned the first part just two days ago.

    chandan bahadur: that was in the shakespear's time man. now names do have something, you can ask those who spend millions in establishing the name of their brand.

    Thanks for your lovely thoughts. I wish if we could have few more bahadurs to admire (or protect) these treasures. ;-)

  6. protect..hahahhahaha,again?
    TPH...u really are after me,come on
    i comment/admire because i feel like it,the effort is there for everyone to see.Its great.
    You cant make people comment if they dont want to....these things have to come spontaneously,there should be a urge to do so.
    In fact if i remember correctly you and even i never commented before and started it all on CW ONE DAY...after the exit of TCP and ICC.
    Didnt realise their value then (atleast i)and from that day onwards comments are there for everyone.There are times when you realise your folly,this is one of those times..

  7. TPH if you are having some more Diamond spares(after giving to ICC) then let me know also about them,i will be giving you Indrajal in lieu of them.
    Also i am waiting about the progress of proposal offered by you of posting ACK at your blog.

  8. thanks again for the nice book , and hoping for few ACKs ....:)

  9. if you have read original newpaper srtips published in FREW , you will find that one kissing scene has been omitted from story at the end of story but before marraige. It may be due to censures in india.
    Really second part looks like fairy tale. very nice story, i still wonder , why anybody had not posted this comics so far despite lot of blog owner may be having this story.

  10. Chandan Bahadur: Thanks. Prepare a list of all old chandan sayings and mail me. I shall make a post for them.

    CW: already mailed you on both issues.

    dholey: Project ACK is under proposal. You can hope to see a lot soon.

    Are you from Indore?

    Ajay: I think is was indrajals policy not to publish kissing scenes whether before marriage or after. They hardly shown phantom and diana in such situations.

    We can hope to see more variety in postings once the huge stock provided by you is exhausted. Chandu has started scanning once again. Sameer is also planning the same. CW is there already. So I am hoping to get all those good stories which are not scanned so far.