Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TPH #029 Disney Today - 9102

A break from the normal suspense and thrills. Something funny this time from another supreme creator Walt Disney. This is from a series published in India by Living Media Publications between 1987 and 1993. They published it fortnightly in both english and hindi. I have quite a few of these comics. All are original purchases. Enjoyed them when published first but their true value came when got my first job in 1998. The first two months were difficult both physically and mentally. Then I picked these binded volumes and started reading once again. I used to be so tired that could hardly finish a single story (8-10 pages) before falling asleep, but that was enough to relax the mind. Donald and Beagle Boys are my favourite characters.
Disney Today 9192 Download TPH #029

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  1. before that, there was a series called "micky mouse", during 1982-83..
    with some zorros... i think,.. i have some of them

  2. Yes, I remember that also. Just loved both disney and zorro then. I remember the Hindi name was "mickey and donald Vichitra Puri Mein". I would just love to see them. Please - please post at least one of those.

  3. Though i haven't read much of Disney Today but i was a avid fan of the T.V feature Donald Duck which used to be telecasted on DD a long way back.
    The stories in DT are humorous and rightly catches the true sprit of Walt Disney's pen..

  4. thanQ .....

    pls pls pls upload few ACK .... pleas yaar (maska polish)

    any ways demands can not be ended ... what ever you are posing is worth reading i am thankful to have a nice url from where i can get a LIL piece of my childhood.......

    thanks and (the most famous) JHAPPY from all the persons who r getting books here and not posing a single comments .......