Sunday, January 20, 2008

TPH #032 Wig Ki Kahani (Diamond Phantom-44, story 1)

What an emphatic win for Indian team down under. Magnificent display of all-round performance aginst the mighty Aussies at their home soil. Irfan has again proved his worth. Congratulations to all.
Moment of Joy Bhajji -------------------------
I am presenting this comic instead of the declared one because this is the story of childhood of the 3rd phantom who is the hero of the next story (3rd phantom's bride). I thought it would be appropriate to put these comics in order of their publications so that continuity is preserved in story. The "3rd phantom's bride" has references to some of the events that took place in this one. So for time being enjoy this one. Phantom will soon visit India. Original Strip No: Sunday #084 The Wig (8 Aug 71 to 31 Oct 71) Indrajal Appearance: IJC #179 The Third Phantom (1973) [Cover courtesy CW post of covers] The sagas from phantom chronicles have always been exciting and this is not any exception.
. Download TPH #032 (5.76 MB)

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  1. Good comic. I am waiting for the coming up comic but.


  2. Great effort,TPH....keep up the good effort.Its a amusing tale,i have read this one(DC)in our library.
    Anger,sentiments define the the end mixed feelings...
    for more, viewers,please download the stuff and see for yourself and please leave a comment at the end.
    i urge all countrymen and goans to please come forward with their comments and requests,the blogs deserve them.

  3. More amar chitra katah please

  4. Thanks for the comic. Somehow I am disappointed with the presentation of several Diamond Phantom. They blur the images. The original artwork I am sure is of much higher qualilty. Maybe they require the services of Sameer ;)

  5. yogesh: thanks. that one is coming next.

    chandan: thanks. this one indeed is very good. happy to get your support.

    priyanka: we are seriously thinking to provide acks as well but more serious copyright issues are related to them. hope to reach a decision soon.

    Grouchy: I fully agree. Diamonds colouring and printing quality is sub-standard compared to indrajals and original b/w strips. Let's hope somebody puts original english indrajals of these on blog soon. thanks for sharing views.

  6. THanks for the post! I have this in Marathi, printed copy! nice to see an english! btw, thanks , Grouchy, for regarding my photoshop expertise! i CAN DO IT IF U WANT IT, ANY TIME, MATE!

    Thanks, TPH!

  7. Nice comic. Surprisingly, the third phantom had no schooling of the jungle. Perhaps he picked up the phantom skills after he became phantom :-)

    Thanks for the comic. Looking forward to Phantom's visit to India!

    - Ruchi.

  8. 3rd phantom was sent to England at an age of 10. He probably recieved some jungle training before that as our present phantom did before going to America for further studies.

    Third (Juliet) Phantom is coming soon to India.

  9. thanks for the comic.. sorry for the late reply,,,

    can u post a mandrake diamond?

  10. Talking about cricket the Perth victory was the 'sweetest' one which i did ever tasted.I was about to devote a complete post over this 'emphatic' win but due to my doomed net connection from last 5 days i was unable to do so.Even i thought to make it now but the current 'selection' dilemma extinguished all the fire.
    Coming to this comic its a classic one as it deals with some very basic and natural questions associated with Phantom chain such as ever did any boy in the line refused to be the part of the tradition!!!!..if yes then why and finally what happened with him.
    The answers to some of these questions are very well taken up blended superbly with the appealing 'historical' background such as of 'Shakespeare'.
    Falk possessed a unmatched talent of weaving up historical background against the back drop of his stories,i wonder why the film makers picked this 'idea' so late...
    The latest example of this idea is the super successful movie 'Titanic' in which a emotional love story was very effectively woven against the back ground of a historical event.