Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Phantom Sunday Strip #136 - More Coloured Pages

It is really a long strip, and I am slightly getting bored now with the repetitive job of coloring the same characters and same scenarios. Looking for something new. Still wonder, was it a mistake to select this long story as my first shot in coloring.

Was only able to produce 5 pages this time. Wanted to make it 10 but it is taking more time now and I don't want to keep this unposted for long. So here is whatever I could. Only 10 more remains after this.

Previous pages are available here:
Page 1-10, page 11-20, page 21-30, page 31-40, page 41-50

Download complete strip here:
Meanwhile, I was taking a look at some classic Mandrake Strips from Magic Comics and I noticed they too were publishing the strips in highly edited form, though in color. Look at the pics here. These are from a daily from 1940 and by comparing with the unedited strip version you can see how many portions have been chopped off. Some sequences have been omitted entirely. Many a panels tasted the partial scissor cuts as well.

Notice that very first and very last panels of coloured and b/w pages are same.

So, Indrajal comics is not the only publication to blame for not serving us with complete stories. Relieved to know that. Diamond comics were better in this regard. At least they published unedited whatever created by Falk and teams.

Planning to scan a Mandrake from diamond comics. It's a strip from 90s, never published in Indrajal.

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  1. Hey Friend.. don't get disheartend... appreciate your spirit and effort!

  2. @ Übermann: Thanks pal. No, I am not getting disheartened or disillusioned. Just a bit bore due to the length of the strip. Feel I could have completed "three" normal sized strips in the time I devoted to this long one.

  3. Well,i know what sort of monotony a continuous job brings specially when its only hobby related(nothing professional).Me too was planning to transcript the strips in Hindi,chose a lengthy strip and get bored after transcription of few pages,and its lying pending from long time,not being able to gather enough enthusiasm to complete it.
    Yes,IJCs alone can't be blamed for slicing strips as normally comic books have to publish according to their fixed format.
    If you have this Mandrake strip then pls post/share.

  4. Hi TPH,
    Nice to see you pursuing with this great effort. It is the end result which gives you the sense of fulfillment. Meanwhile try to devise some techniques to help you do this faster as you go along.

  5. Dear TPH,
    Nice to see you pursuing this with passion... The end result is what is emotionally fulfilling. Meanwhile try to devise techniques to do the colouring more effortlessly as you get along... All the best.

  6. @ CW: Hindi transcripting is equally tiresome and time consuming, I know by my past experience. I would love to see your work on Hindi Transcript. May be we can complement each other in some way.

    A hindi IJC is next to post, then I try to scan the Diamond Mandrake.

  7. @ Comicrazee: You always make me feel supercharged and inspire me to carry on. Thanks for nice words. You are an inspiration.

    I have tried a few things and being fairly successful at some of those. But sometimes due to excessive work load (at personal front) the colouring work takes a rest and when I resume it, again it feels as though I am just beginning afresh. It requires a tuning again. Not a professional me.

    Thanks again.

  8. TPH... among the comic lovers, you have a unique style of posts offlate, which involves coloring our favorite strips by burning your precious spare time, from our professional life.

    Let's take the lessons from this long script, and next time around you can choose a smaller one to entertain us the same way.

    Hehehe.e.. I am not going to get off your back so easily brother :)

    Looking forward for the completion of your mega saga.

  9. @ Rafiq: I enjoy the coloring job, and I love your witty comments. :)

    I have every intention to continue with the job. With small strips, I hope to produce at a better speed.

    Hope to bring the remaining pages soon. Want to finish it before the year end.

  10. Dear comics lovers,

    It is very sad to inform you people that One of India's greatest ever comics artist Mr Govind Brahmania is No More.

    May His soul rest in peace.(Info courtesy: Usman Bhai)

    Govind Bramania (02-03-1938 - 09-12-2009) R.I.P

  11. Extremely sad news Vedha. The early Indrajal covers created by him are among some of the best. We pray for peace for his soul.

  12. Hi TPH,

    Thanks for the wonderful effort and all of us who have been to your blog really appreciate it.

    Keep it up and have fun doing it.

  13. @ Old Man Mozz: Thanks. Just five more remains to be done. Hopefully in a weeks time the entire strip in colour will be available for download.

    You are most welcome sir.