Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heading towards completion (next set of pages from phantom #S136)

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One of the more challenging tasks in coloring a comic book is to keep the consistency and continuity with the coloring patterns of those characters and places which occur intermittently. If some character reappears into picture after a few pages, then it is important to check what color that character was wearing when it last came along or what is the general presentation routine for some particualr topographical unit.

The process demands its share of patience and becomes time consuming for someone who believes in perfection of the work. That slows down the overall processes a bit. I have tried to device some techniques/tricks to overcome the hurdle by  creating few image files with major characters in them. Everytime some particular character is required, these files are taken for reference. All regular characters are there, Phantom, Diana, Rex, Guran, Mozz and Devil of course. The super stallion Hero has been very supportive by not giving trouble for his coloring, being as white as milk.

But a long story encompasses a lot many characters than these. Everyone cannot be given a place in the reference file. And therfore many times it becomes inevitable to peek into the back pages for coloring clues.

Nevertheless, the strip is now heading towads completion, and I feel happy to contribute something original to the comic loving community.

Presenting today the next five pages (page 56 to 60). Now only 5 more remains after this. In all probability the entire strip will be available for download this month only, and if possible, withing a week's time. Hope you have enjoyed the work. I am thankful to all those who have commented about the quality of the work with their own suggestions. It has helped me to look out for more options and make the pages better. After finishing the remaining 5 pages, I'll work on corrections to the previous pages also. Still any suggestion regarding that work? Most welcome. Please convey your feeling how could it be improved further.

Will be making a detailed post with next (final) set. Till then you can enjoy the current pages. In the last three pages here, I have introduced something new again regarding the backgrounds. Let's see if you can notice that.

Enjoy friends.

(Phantom Sunday Strip #S136)
The Return of the Thuggees

 Previous pages are available here:
Page 1-10, page 11-20, page 21-30,  

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  1. first one to comment! thanks for sharing dude!

  2. Another Marvelous work. Your effort in these pages, and the reasons you explained for maintaining continuity, is unseen even among the publishers in India, during 80's.

    It shows, what a real love towards comics, can turn even a work done in personal time into a professional deliverable. If only such passionate lover of medium could have been behind Times of India, then IJC would still be running unstopped.

    Looking forward for the gala completion, and some more on your work details.

    P.S.: By the way, apart from Devil, the Pigmys should also not give much problems, as they have the same skin color, and don't wear too many costumes... Ain't it ;)

  3. Hi TPH,

    It always great to see your update and your labour of love....
    It is also amazing when you explain to the laymen here about the effort it takes to produce one top quality comic.

    Rafiq - that is one beautiful comment. I think you speak for all of us here.

    Looking forward to the last installment..

    Thanks once again

  4. @ rafiq: That's a very exciting comment indeed. Sure, it is the love and passion for the comics that encourages me to continue sparing time for the coloring job. But that is the case with most of us including you. None of us belong to the comic industry professionally, and that might be one of the reason that we are able to enjoy the creation more happily, not being tangled with the commercial aspects.

    But you are right when you say that Indian comic publishers showed little love towards their earning child. Had there been a real comic enthusiast in the cadres of toi then, who knows, indrajals could still be around. They could have found a way to save the long running project had they been really sincere.

    Thanks for your encouraging thoughts. Just two pages remaining now. :-)

  5. @ Mozz: Thank you very much for such kind words. The opportunity to color this comic strip has helped me to learn a lot many photoshop skills I would not have gone through which otherwise. So, its a personal gain for me. Sharing with all the friends is very exciting and satisfying experience. It has also helped me to win many friends.

    I have passed through different phases throughout the creation of this strip. Many remarkable experiences. I have loved every moment of the journey in colours.

    You are most welcome. Always great to find you here.

  6. Truly said by Rafeeq that its love and dedication towards comics which made you to do so.
    Well,when one himself involves with these sort of creative aspect then only he can understand the pangs of creativity involved behind the comic creation.I myself have been going through similar phase where i am transcripting these strips into the language which i adore most.Will be discussing my experience in detail when i will be able to present one such strip in front of all of you.
    In my opinion it would have been better if you would have put all colored pages in a single post together,rather than putting them in installments as that would have prevented the monotony involved in installments as well as it would have been gave opportunity to readers like us to enjoy the whole strip in one go.
    Anyway a big-big clap to your mega-creative work.

  7. @ CW:Thanks a lot. We are eagerly awaiting your work on transcription. It'll be a great post, I'm sure.

    As far as your suggestion of posting the entire coloured comic in a single post is concerned, I'm afraid, there would be no such post possible. It's a huge 65 page colouring project. Had I been waiting for the strip to complete before I could made up my mind to post it, chances of finishing the strip are bleak.

    Actually, I committed myself by posting few pages first and by the reception it got, it became clear that I had to complete it because readers wanted me to continue.

    But I respect your suggestion and in the future if I take some small strip to colour, then I'll present it in a single post.

  8. Really amazing and lovingly produced coloring work. Thank you very much for this TPH!

  9. @Col: Thanks a lot col. The complete strip is now available.