Monday, September 21, 2009

Phantom Sunday Strip 136 in Color: page 41 - 50

The next set of pages from the ongoing project (coloring the Phantom S136). Had promised an early delivery, but, better late than never. :-)

This time I have used even more brighter colors. Any suggestions/ideas would be most welcomed as they'll help me improving.

Meanwhile, I took the coloring job of few earliest phantom strips (Ray Moore era) and found that it is much more easy and time saving to color those dailies and sundays from late thirtees and early forties than the works of Sy Barry. It takes less than an hour to color one full page created by Moore. I have done few pages from those and going to print for myself. :-)


Previous Pages are here:
Page 1-10, page 11-20, page 21-30, page 31-40

Download complete strip here:
Today this blog has completed 2 years of its existence. I had created it on 21st of September, 2007 and the first comic was posted on it the very next day, i.e., on 22nd Sep. In this period I have posted 64 comics, more than 90% of which are my own scans. It has been a happy and satisfying journey, and I have enjoyed it.

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  1. First of all, let me congratulate you for completing 2 wonderful years with 90% original scans.

    all the best and you may go on to celebrate 20 years is what i wish.

    nice scans, as usual.

    Actually You Can Skip These Pages

  2. TPH,nice work again.This time the use of more bright and vibrant colors somehow tickles the eyes,personally i will prefer to a moderate brightness coloring.

  3. Thanks CW. I feel the same way for some of the panels. Wanted to make them a bit less contrasting but...

    Many thanks for feedback. Will work on it.

  4. Congrats on the 2nd year celeberation TPH. 90% original scans, says volume about your contribution to the Digital IJC Project.

    Also, Thanks for the next set of Phantom colored strips, TPH.

    I agree with CW, that the new color choices (especially hteo nes at the background) are far mare contrasting then the original color choice of yours tried out in last batches. Eventhough, they are vibrant, it may be painful for the poor eyes. :)

    and by the way, you bet on the Moore vs Barry stuffs. I believe Barry's work were far more detail and elaborate than the classic style of Moore. So the coloring task-some is understandable.

    Bring on the next batch sooner :).


  5. Many thanks Rafiq for your kind words.

    In this batch, I used a lot many default coloring options provided in the gradient section of photoshop. Previously, I had created my own color matches and gradients. As correctly pointed by you and CW, some of these are causing eye strain and I'll surely get rid of them in the next set.

    Also, I'll bring about some changes in these pages too and will try to improve on the points mentioned.

    Some minor changes have been made in the previously posted pages too.

    Always looking to gain from your knowledge and expertise on this matter. It's a priviledge. Thanks.

  6. Dear TPH,
    Your coloring is fantastic; among the best I have seen in comics (Wolf Publications' Phantom and Tintin are others). You are doing a real commendable job by pursuing your hobby, for benefit of Phantom lovers like us.
    Keep the good show on!

  7. Thanks Vijay for such lovely words of encouragement. I am very happy that you liked the the work. I'll continue with added speed from now on. Thanks again.

    One more thing I want to add here. The current set of pages might appear a bit more contrasting and brighter than the desired level to some, but on print they look absolutely fantastic. I have printed them all.

  8. Hey Friend... Great work again... I am downloading the strip... poor connection here so takes days to download :) will give me feedback then... nonetheless, appreciate your effort...

    waiting more colors :)

  9. @ Übermann: Thanks dear. Will appreciate any suggestion from your side.

    More are coming for sure. :-)

  10. Dear TPH,
    Thoroughly enjoyed the colored pages. Thank you for all the effort. Can't wait for more :-)

  11. @ tennisplay: Welcome. I am trying hard to present the remaining pages ASAP.

  12. How cud I dwnld. D001 to D010 colored ? I mean where are the links for the same. I'm unable to trace

  13. @anon: the links have not been given yet.