Thursday, July 30, 2009

Continuing with the passion

Hi friends, July is in passing phase and my personal busy period is soon going to be over (april to july is generally the time when I am at my busiest). So, here I am, ready with yet another set of colored pages from the Phantom Sunday Strip #136 "Return of the Thuggees".

It took me some time to adjust to the coloring work again and achieve the same speed of 2-3 hours per page. But now it's on the right track. Hopefully the complete story will be here in the month of August. What a mammoth story of full 65 pages this is, one of the longest running Phantom Sunday Tale.

It's a gripping story, as you must have realised too. Published in 1991, the very next year that the publication of Indrajal Comics stopped, as hence it is not available to majority of Phantom Phans in India. Hope I am able to provide few nice moments to them through this.

Enjoy friends.

(Phantom Sunday Strip #S136, Return of the Thuggees)

Download complete strip here:

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  1. Good job. Thank you.


  2. Welcome back TPH. Was looking forward for you to continue your marvelous coloring work through this daily strip. Let me enjoy the comic and come back to comment. :)


  3. Very beautiful. Appreciate all your efforts in taking the time to do this..

  4. TPH,welcome back...i knew you won't be remaining aloof for much long.Its always nice to see you back in action.
    Comment moderation is enabled...well,can understand it...better to take precaution during initial passing phase.

  5. Welcome back! Missed you for a long time and it is nice to have you back :o)

    Wonderful coloring job, really pleasing to the eyes. Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,

  6. Thank you very much to all of you for such reception of the work. It gives me assurance that my work is not going un-noticed and is getting attention of some of the better known comic lovers.

    @Vinay: Thanks and welcome.

    @Rafiq: I have changed the color of security guards uniform, as you have suggested, for originally it was too contrasting. Hope it is better now.

    @KK: Thank you.

    @CW: I hope to get enough time next month so that I can finish this sunday strip in August. (25 pages remaining). Yeah, comment moderation is on, and you know why

    @Col: Always a pleasure finding you here. Thanks for all the kind words.

  7. After long time I am coming back & glad to see you active again...
    Thanks for this wonderful series in such lively colour..
    This is like reliving my childhood memories!

  8. Nice coloring... very enjoyable... waiting for the next installment...