Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colored Phantom Strip #S136 - Next Set of Pages

Always admired Sy Barry's artwork on Phantom Comics but now as much I work on these black and white pages for coloring, I get a chance to look at his drawings in much more detail and I feel truly amazed at his ability to work on the intricacies and his willingness to draw the illustrations in so much detail. Quite unmatched.

Presenting the third set of pages (21 to 30) of this very interesting sunday strip.

Enjoy friends.

(Phantom Sunday Strip #S136, Return of the Thuggees)

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  1. Hi TPH, I just finished reading some of your earlier blog entries, and Wow!! is what I said after doing so! Your short study comparing the art/stories of different Phantom publications is excellent! I would seriously urge you to consider sending your article (after a little expansion/revision maybe) to either an academic communication or a media journal. I'm confident that it will be accepted. Do consider that option!

  2. hi good post u r welcome on my blog

  3. @adibud34: Thanks Aditya for going through those long posts. You are a long timer now with comics blog community and it surely gives much pleasure if somebody like you appreciate the effort.

    Well, the idea of those posts on coloring suddenly popped up in my mind while I was working on coloring of some black and white strips of phantom and was looking for some tricks and hints from various publications. If you think they are worthy of publishing in some journal, that itself is very nice to hear. But I am not too sure how to go about it. May be in future.

    Thanks dear. Really thankful to you.

  4. @मोहम्मद कासिम: Nice blog kasim. Specially liked because you are writing it in hindi. I think more hindi blogs are needed on comics. PD has another one.

  5. Another wonderful effort TPH. The colors as good as the last couple of parts. You rock, continue the great effort.

    By the way, wasn't the color choice of Bangla Forces, litle over contrast.. I guess a different color then yellow (like grey for eg.) would have made it look fitting with the other color choices.... It's just my thought, though :)


  6. TPH,
    Wondering why you took so long for exposing your talent and patience in the great effort of colouring the strips. Keep it up.

  7. @Rafiq Raja: Thanks for kind words. I am specially thankful to you for taking time and making the suggestion. With your support I hope to make improvements in the job. I am only an amateur in this field and readers feedback is expected to be the most important thing which can help improve me.

    I had a similar feeling myself about the point you mentioned. Now I'm convinced it needs improvement. Will change the color to something less contrasting (will try grey as you have suggested).

    Some major and few minor corrections are also made in the first twenty pages. It'll be observed in the final (complete) strip post.

    Always welcomed.

  8. @Comicrazee: Always great feeling getting a pat on back from an expert like you. I am only an amateur doing it for passion. You have been a great inspiration.

    Hope my interest stay alive for some time. Can expect it when I'm getting such encouragement from people like you.


  9. TPH,
    as you know,
    I am printing Phantom Dailes and Sundays. :

    pllease let me know if you are interested in having one.



  10. Indrajal Comics Treasures: Thanks Sameer. Allow me some time please. I know you have produced excellent quality printing in much cheaper rates. Appreciate the great effort.

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  12. Great job! Thanks for uploading...