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TPH #063 Andheron Ki Rani - Flash Gordon indrajal comics from year 1985

The name of Flash Gordon is counted among more popular characters of Indrajal Comics. This space - traveler hero has been a tremendously popular figure in science fiction stories and also featured in many films and serials. In the seventies of last century, when the curiosity of the human mind and its growing appetite for new discoveries of the outer world was opening new frontiers of space, it used to be very exciting to read his space adventures in these highly imaginative stories.

Today's story is from the year 1985 Indrajal Comics, titled 'Andheron Ki Rani' in hindi, . Let's enjoy this one:


The cruel and tyrannical ruler of Mongo, Ming the merciless has suddenly come in the grip of some mysterious disease and is kept in a state of unconsciousness in his bed. The arrangements are made as such that he can be kept like this till the treatment of this disease is found. A relentless and oppressive Ming naturally does not trust any human being and the task of monitoring his health is kept under supervision of fully automated machinery. In the Ming's absence, the responsibility to look after the state affairs lie with his own creation a semi - human, half - robot, named Clitus.

During his reign at the throne of Mongo, Ming has accumulated a vast property by attacking and looting various planets and states. Ming's sister, the witch queen 'Ajura' wants her share in the property, which has been concealed in a secret place. She suggests Claitus that they should allow to let Ming die and they share the wealth between them. Clitus opposes it and says that he is being designed to protect the interests of Ming only, but in fact his own intentions are to keep the entire property for himself. After all, he is a product of devious mind of Ming. In cruelty and depravity he is truly like his master. A clash takes place between Ajura and Claitus and by the strength of her magical powers, she turns Claitus into a man of stone.

Though Ajura is identified among her enemies by the name of 'Queen of darkness', still inside her there beats a heart of ordinary human. She has two special wishes which she has not been able to fulfill till now - one, to improve the state of poor people of her state by delivering them prosperity and other is  to get love of Flash Gordon, which she lost at the hands of Dell Arden, the girl-friend of Flash. Ajura sees Dell as her rival.

Here Flash and his allys are facing a strange and difficult condition. Under ordinary circumstances, they should be expected to take benefit of the present poor condition of their arch enemy Ming. But the situation has actually let some new problems to surface under these circumstances. Taking advantage of a universally acceptable leader like Ming, the chieftains and different clans of Mongo have entered into a fray to establish their dominance in the battle for supremacy in the region. The biggest sufferer is the general public for which the situation is proving to be fateful. Flash doesn't want this type of situation to develop further. So, going against the desires of Dell, he contacts Ajura in his endeavour to find some working solution.

Ajura, also calls up 'Willie', the teen with super-natural brain powers. She believes that three super-powerful brain in the universe together will be able to get the treasure. Using her magical powers she soon finds out that the treasure Ming has been concealed on a small satellite of Mongo, named  'Cromag' . Flash, Ajura and Willie, in search of treasure, are preparing to leave.

Meanwhile, the effect of the magic done on Claitus by Ajura comes to an end and he returns to normal condition. Claits is furious and is desperate to take revenge. He led his own army for a powerful attack on the kingdom of Ajura. Flash, Ajura and Willie use their tremendous mental powers together to confuse the air fleet of Claitus and they are successful in failing the first strike. But smaal state of Ajura is totally incapable of facing the strong Ming's army in a battle of longer duration. Claitus of Flash now come face-to-face. Flash's position is weakened because a very powerful semi - human's physical strength is difficult to combat with. Willie and Ajura are not able to help him. Also Flash insists on dealing with Claitus on his own.

Just wait - The story has reached its climax. Those friends who themselves want to enjoy reading this comic, be warned that reading further may spoil their fun a bit. They are advised to download the comic and read to the end of this interesting story. Other friends can continue to read the remaining story.

Caught in the steel grip of Claitus' hands, it is suffocating for Flash. He is in a bad condition but just in the nick of time he is able to gather all his mental strength and calls for universal source of power. Claitus, the creation of Ming's evil intentions, is destroyed. Meanwhile, Dr. Zarkov on a peace mission reaches Mongo and starts treatment of ailing Ming. Soon they diagnose the mysterious disease which has taken the tyrant into its grip. They are filled with amusing surprise that the supposedly dangerous disease is nothing else but only the common flu. Since the people of Mongo are not immune to flu, the starting symptoms of the disease was capable enought to fill the wicked Ming with fear and he had quickly surrendered to the machines. Soon Ming find himself fully fit thanks to the medicines of Dr. Zarkov and again takes control of Mongo. Thus ends the mission of Zarkov. But Ajura has not yet given up the hopes of recieving her share in the treasure of Ming. Willie is returning back to Earth but Ajura insists on Flash to help her in her search of the treasure. Will she be able to convince Flash to help her?

(32 pages, 1200 px wide, 10.5 MB)

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  1. I remember reading this story of Flash Gordon, who is one of my favorite in terms of creativity content.

    Any English versions of it too.... would read the Hindi one meanwhile.


  2. @Rafiq Raja: Thanks and welcome. A good story, I share your views. English version would be following soon, I'm sure. So many big guns are firing in top gear. :-)