Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TPH #069: Phantom Daily Strip (D-208 "The Hit Men")

Continuing the series on Phantom Daily Strips. Here comes another one, D-208, "The Hit Men".


Cici, a young and innocent teenager, accidentally becomes an eye-witness to  a murder order by a highly placed underworld agent. She is encouraged by  her mother to stand by the truth and to testify in the court against the  evils. Courageously she follows the advice and becomes star witness in  the case.

Her testimony in the case could prove fatal for a number of high  positions. So, A plan is carefully laid to get rid of her, but her death  should not arise any doubts, so an accident is planned. She, along with  few of her friends, is sent to Bangalla jungle in the name of a high  adventure trip where two professional killers are in wait for her.

But two Jungle Patrolmen find some irregularities in the paper-work of  the tour guides (who actually are killers in disguise). They report the  matter to Patrol chief col Worobu, who pass it on to Phantom. Ghost Who  Walks decides to keep an eye on the happenings.

A number of attempts are made by the killers to set stage for an  accidental death for Cici, but every time Phantom saves her from the  clutches of death. Events take shape in such a manner not to arise any  suspicion in Phantom's mind. He considers the accidents as genuine untill  he himself sees the rapt behaviour of the guards even in the crisis hours. That  makes him realise the situation and finally, as one can expect, the two  killers end up being tied near the monument to the unknown patrolmen.  Another consignment for the patrolmen to pick.

Cici records her statement in the court. Phantom is there to watch the  proceedings himself and is all praise for the young and courageous. Story heads for expected ending.

My View:

I found the story OK. Not a particularly interesting one, but not a bad one either. Some of the drawings, where Phantom picks up Cici on his horse (the sequence where she confronts with a tiger) are superbly drawn. The action looks real.

But the story does not justify with the image of Phantom solidified in the readers mind through different adventures for ages. It is not the same Phantom. He looks surprised by the events here, rather than throwing them on to the opponents. Hard to digest. But....its ok...  as I said.

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