Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mandrake S007 - The Treasure Hunt (week 6)

The story so far:

Mandrake and Lothar, while crossing the great Sahara desert, come across a young lady named Betty Gray being chased and terrorised by two dacoits. They save her only to come to know about a strange treasure hunt.

Betty tells them about her late uncle Roger, who was a world traveller with a weird sense of humour. Uncle Roger had locked his fortune in a vault and scattered the five-digit combination key to the vault in 5 different places of the world in form of clues. Each clue holds a number and link to the next clue. Other heirs of Uncle Roger want to eliminate Betty to claim all the fortune for themselves. Mandrake promises Betty to help in the quest.

The first clue leads them to the pyramid of cheops. They are up against not only the trying conditions but also a hostile group of competitors who won't hesitate to adopt any method to silence Betty (and Mandrake).

week 6

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Some excellent artwork by Phil Davis makes this interesting adventure doubly entertaining. You can actually feel the atmosphere inside the pyramid by the postures of Betty and Mandrake as they enter this low height dungeon.

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