Friday, November 8, 2013

Phantom D179 - Nukes (day 35)

Three more Asterix books to the collection. Not a new addition, a year old purchase actually. Two of these are based on full length Asterix movies.

Asterix and 
the Vikings 
(the book of the film)
How Obleix fell 
into the 
Magic Potion
Asterix at the 
Olympic Games 
(the book of the film)

और अब कॉक्पिट में पायलट के साथ हाथा-पाई. आखिर कितने रूल्स तोड़ेगा वेताल इस एड्वेंचर में? छोड़ो यार... करना पड़ता है कभी कभी क्राइम-फ़ाइटर्स को...
day 35
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2 comment(s):

  1. nice collection .............. what about the new asterix ........... is it available in INDIA

    1. Only the hardcover version is available in online shops like flipkart and amazon. I am undecided yet whether I wish that one or wait for paperback version.