Friday, January 16, 2009

TPH #061 Registani Lutere - Rip Kirby (Indrajal comics #435, 1982)

A typical Rip Kirby adventure with nice plot with intriguing characters and of course, beautiful ladies drawn by John Prentice. The neatness in drawings is a major feature of Prentice's work with every single wrinkle in the face elaborately drawn. No cluttering, no nonsense style is his positive identity.

How many of you know that Rip Kirby was also created by Alex Raymond (Legendary comic creator and illustrator) along with Flash Gordon way back in thirties in last century?

Enjoy this one.

(29 pages, 1200 px wide, 9.7 MB)
cover courtesy - CW

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  1. Sahi! I had read it's English version. I may still have it somewhere, not sure. Nice comic TPH

  2. @TCP: Thanks. You are welcome. I am still looking for Alex Raymond's Kirby stories. No success so far.

  3. For some reason, I feel this is one comics that reads rather odd in Hindi. By the way, you mentioned Alex Raymond was the creator of Rip Kirby, but did not mention the writer of the story posted. Probably Fred Dickinson - who wrote the stories for the daily strips for a long time.

  4. @Tapas:Difference of opinions. I feel the translation of this comics is as good as any done by Indrajal. I enjoyed it.

    The character of Rip Kirby was developed by Alex Raymond and Ward Green, the then editor of King Features. But the original idea was of Green. For few initial years, Green was the main writer with Raymond producing a few strips only. After the death of Green, Fred Dickinson took charge of the story deptt. somewhere in the early fiftees and continued till 1986. The present story is from his pen, we can safely assume that, though not confirmed.

    Thanks for the interest. You are most Welcome.