Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Frew Phantom #1490: Dogai - the road to power

The names of Achmed Singh and Kabai Singh are not unfamilier to those who have read the first daily comic strip of Phantom, the Singh Brotherhood. The strip was posted by TCP way back in August 2006 and was contributed by Desiguru.

Claes Reimerthi at Egmont Scandinavia came with a story idea based on those characters. It was republished in Frew in 2007 in it's 1490th issue. This is today's post. I have no hesitation in saying that this story somehow suited my taste. The way it takes shape is interesting and flashback effect has been used quite intelligently. Has all the shades of a good hollywood blockbuster.

On an isolated section of Bengali coast is situated a grand palace, hidden from the eyes of outer world, and from even the natives. Two young teenagers are undergoing a hard training under the watchful eyes of their custodian, Anwar Sahak. These two are the sons of a slain Brotherhood prince. Anxiously waiting to join the league, which they are allowed to only when they turn up 16. The young ones are very excited about it and somewhat fearful also, because of some Ghostly figure (the Phantom), which is of late causing great harm to the brotherhood.

I leave it here. Enjoy yourself.

Download Frew 1490, Dogai - the road to power (10 MB)

I worked on the scan pages and tried to improve the brightness and contrast. Have achieved a certain amount of success.

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  1. dear friend... thanks a ton for sharing... can't wait to downoad and read...

    great work

  2. @ Übermann: Thanks friend. Your presence at TPH is always encouraging.

  3. thanks for the nice post.
    could you post more of frews. i am eagerly waiting for them.

  4. @Rakesh: Welcome. Will be posting more frews soon. Thanks.