Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moonstone Phantom #26 "Man O' War"

After several unsucceessful attempts, I've finally succeeded in finishing one Moonstone Phantom comic, the latest on net that is, number 26. As usual, a plain story with no mentionable high points. The story presents oceanic adventure of 13th Phantom, told by Old Man Mozz to the now teenagers Kit and Heloise.

The story deals with a pirate attack on the ship which is carrying 13th Phantom, sailing from England to America. The newly wed Walker couple is having a good time aboard when the pirate ship catches the crew by surprise. The pirates are also carrying with them a number of slaves which include prince of Llongo tribe.

Some lifeless dhishum-dhishum and fencing skills demonstration by Phantom ancestor is all that it takes to bring the story to an abrupt end

Scan quality is very good. And let me include another positive note. Mrs Walker does look cool in the outfit selected by the artist.

Download from here: (13 MB)

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  1. Not a great fan of moonstone but this looks nice..let me go download.

  2. @TCP: Same here. Moonstone have drifted far from the soul of Phantom stories. No real charm left. You are most welcome.

  3. thanks for posting this moonstone.
    waiting for more.

  4. @ Rakesh: All published Moonstone Phantoms are available on net. Will try posting them whenever new issues are available.


  5. Hello TPC.
    Another broken link. Sorry for the trouble.
    Thank you for your kindness.