Thursday, January 8, 2009

TPH #059 Ajeya Vetaal (IJC V20N24) and TPH #060 Superman (DC #421)

I am posting this Superman comic here just because I wanted to see this tag (Superman) in the Labels section in the sidebar. A load of Superman comics are available on net, (free comic books site) that makes them less valuable and probably less appreciated as well, but here it is.

Download TPH #060 Superman (DC #421)

A very old comic, lying with me for several years, without being read. I used to like this character a lot during childhood years, but don't feel enthusiasm within myself to go through it again at this stage of my life. Is anybody interested in Superman here? I don't think so. But posting it.

And this Phantom comics has already been posted by me on the other blog, but a lot many visitors are unaware of that blog, and so it is presented here also. Good story, fine pics by Sy Barry makes it a memorable one. English version is already available on net.

Download TPH #059 Ajeya Vetaal (IJC V20N24)

Planning to post few Mandrake stories from Diamond Comics. Some of these never appeared in Indrajal. From post IJC era (after 1990) or from prior to it (before 1964).

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  1. Thanks for the Superman, TPH. The old stories were far better than the current crop.

  2. Nice new comics for the weekend :-) will keep readers good company. Hindi will take me too much time to read :) so i am just getting the superman. Thanks

  3. I think to keep alive the aura and interest in Superman comics its very necessary to develop villains who can 'match' the level of Superman so that their fight could be made convincing enough,and thats whats the biggest drawback of Superman comics,as in process of developing the character of 'matching' villains and novel plots the current stories are drifting far away from 'normal' human plots where a normal reader could identify himself or surroundings with those stories.
    After Phantom its the need of hour to unearth Mandrake strips wherever they can be,so don't think and post those 'virgin' strips soon.

  4. TCP: It was not at all expected from you to be a 'amateur' RashtraBhasha reader. :o)

  5. Great post! I'm eagerly waiting your Diamond's Mandrake posts.

  6. @Deb: Welcome dear. I haven't read any Superman for a while. But old stories were no doubt good. Thanks for the visit.

    TCP: Most welcome. Hope it is worth the investment.

    CW: Very well explained. I agree to every word of it. Mandrake diamonds are sure coming soon.

    Prabhat:Thanks. That makes two votes for diamond mandrakes. I'll have to hurry up the things. :-)

  7. @CW: Someone corrected my statement at TCP about Hindi being a national language. Apparently, the Constitution of India only has "official" languages and Hindi is one of them, I just wasn't aware of that. I can still read Hindi but it's a fight :-)

  8. @TPH: A contributor at TCP - VenKIT - has offered to scan his collection so that it can be posted by not just at TCP. If you are interested, please contact him at

  9. @TCP: Thanks for informing. That's a great gesture.