Sunday, August 21, 2011

(1) I Support Anna & (2) A fine Spiderman comic

It's time to stand up and get counted against the ever growing cancer of corruption paralysing the growth of the nation. I am with Anna in this fight. 

Now for comics. A lot of talk goes on about declining standards of Phantom stories. The current strips do not stand anywhere against the classics of Falk. On the other hand it is good to see spiderman stories keeping the standards and the creators producing really nice reads. The presented comic has two stories. The second one is the one that I am talking about. It is really heart-touching to read and has a good re-read value. One of those you'd enjoy reading again. Beautiful.

 Download Spiderman - 03 (Hindi)
(Just 6.4 MB, 1200 px wide, 24 pages)

Note -
(1) More spiderman comics posted in this blog can be found here.
(2) This comic was scanned some two years ago. Posting quite late.

5 comment(s):

  1. I do not want to jump into this. Having lived in India for most of my early life, I have come across many such instances only to be disillusioned. From "Corruption is global phenomenon" to the LokAyuktha Bill, we lived thru a lot in those days.

    Maybe this is the real thing, unlike Baba Ramdev, I don't know. I will wait and see. But definitely the BJP is not the way to go. SukhRam is the only reason I need not to ever think of them as an alternative. They pick up all the corrupt ex-Congressmen and give them power. When the original is there, why do we need a carbon copy? Rahul may not have too off the mark, because the affiliates of BJP are very much like the Jihadists - use religion to get to power. Only difference is that the Jihadists have blasted more people to death than these guys.
    One can only be an optimist and hope for a savior. I am still waiting for the Kalki avatar, though someone said that Muhammed was Kalki.

  2. @venkit- I can understand your sentiments. Many a times we have been fooled to believe something good is coming to eradicate poverty and corruption from the country. But only things we got were mere rattles to play with or completely toothless laws which acted more to protect the culprits rather than punishing them.

    But this time the mood is completely different. The youth of the nation is on the street with so much of anger and anguish in heart. We are upbeat about bringing something in force which will help us achieve our goal.

    The best thing about this movement is that it is absolutely non-political. No political party is free of corruption. So, we don't necessarily want a change in regime. Only thing demanded is a strong Jan Lokpal to curb the corruption.

    For last 42 years (when it was first proposed) they have been avoiding the process, giving one excuse or the other. But now the people of this country are in no mood to tolerate the misconduct of the government.

    The biggest misfortune this country has bear is that it never got a true (political) leader. One who can understand the feelings of the multitude and work for their welfare.

  3. Like I said, this may be the real thing. If it indeed is, then it is good for India.

    One sees the kids in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen - winning in 3 of the above and soon to win in the remaining 2 - but I just fear that another theocracy like in Iran might be the outcome. Would it be just a leap from the frying pan to the fire? At least in India we do not have to fear a theocracy. Whatever one says about Sanathana Dharma, it is the only religion (Dharma) in this world which accorded a "Rishi" status to an agnostic - Kapila Maharishi. So there is no chance that a Hindu theocracy will ever happen in India unless of course the threat of the Jihadists becomes really scary.

  4. The movement against corruption in India is of non-political, non-religious nature. There is no comparison with those which had erupted in the arab lands recently. Those were more like islamists demanding their own kind of governance.

    India will remain a secular state as long as Hindus are in majority because by nature Hinduism respect all other religions.

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